Popular Down Payment Crowdfunding Site HomeFunded.com Relaunches Today

“HomeFunded.com – Building the America Dream One Home at a Time!”
HomeFunded.com, the first down payment crowdfunding startup, will re-launch today allowing prospective home buyers to raise funds to be used as a down payment to buy a home through the concept of crowdfunding, where small gift contributions are donated by many to help potential homebuyers buy a home.

Orlando-based startup HomeFunded.com revolutionized the way people thought about down payments for a home purchase during their initial launch in 2013. Now, in their second go around the crowdfunding site will look to be an alternative for potential homebuyers who either do not qualify for down payment assistance or where state and county funds for such programs have run out.

In their current Beta launch the site promises a better experience for campaigners looking to raise down payment assistance funds with easier social media sharing tools, free distribution of press releases to local media, marketing fliers and a concierge to guide their campaign. Contributors on the other hand are in for a surprise as their monetary contributions can turn into prizes ranging from coupons to gift cards to other incentives as every successful campaign reaches their goal.

In hopes to bring the once popular site into more mainstream use like other such sites as Kickstarter.com and GoFundMe.com, HomeFunded.com has launched a verify process so that contributors can be confident that potential homebuyers will actually use the funds to buy a home and nothing else. This added security feature will make the process more scrutinized if not more transparent.

“We are looking for HomeFunded.com to be the go to site for those looking for down payment gift funds. We hope the site catches on nationwide as typical down payment funds become depleted,” states Aaron Mighty, founder of HomeFunded.com

Home buyers once again can visit the site to create a down payment campaign and invite those in their social media network to contribute and share the news of their upcoming home purchase starting Thursday, March 17th with campaigns going live the following Monday.

About HomeFunded.com

HomeFunded.com is the innovative down payment crowdfunding site for home buyers to raise down payment gift funds to purchase a home.

Please visit http://HomeFunded.com for more information.

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