German Promoter Honoured Internationally

German Music Promoter Awarded “Best International Music Promoter 2016 LGBT” in New York City!

March 17, 2016 – Dusseldorf, Germany – At the just concluded 58th annual Grammy Awards® ceremony for music elites in Los Angeles on the 15th of February 2016, saw for the first time, the participation of the international music promoter and owner of DjMp3Promotion from Germany, Guney Durmus. Guney Who’s Company and residence is in the “Konigsallee,” Dusseldorf has been working very successfully with artists and companies in the music industry for 10 years and is also a member of the Grammy Recording Academy® for the state of New York.

In his words, “I personally chose New York because I love not only the city of New York, but also support many artists from there. It was the right decision.”

Guney’s support in the past for his chosen artists was highly responsible for several international chart positions, important nominations and awards. Guney himself received before his label creation 2006/2007 in Germany two professional training et al in music industry, marketing and law. In the following years, Guney developed into one of the leading independent music promoters for Urban & Dance Music, with the result that he has become a well-sought-after consultant for music industrialists on new releases. On February 24, 2016 Guney was invited to New York City, where he was awarded a prize as the “Best International Music Promoter 2016” in the narrow circle of members of the LGBT community for the first time. Among other participants at the ceremony which took place at Ace Hotel, were the US singer and actor Lovari, PVAZ, Aaron Paul (former Worlds Apart) and entertainer Tym Moss part.

I was really pleased with the award,” said Guney who departed the East Coast of the United States after the 1 week stay.

Guney worked several years previously as Dj in Germany before he founded his own music label – Durmus-Records in 2006. “From the outset, my interest was to support and promote worldwide, creative artists with their music,” explains Guney, who now has a large network of music industrialists. The contact to the Grammy Recording Academy® resulted through his meeting of a New York-based artist, who was at this time with his own publication in the preliminary rounds. On the 15th of Feb. 2016 Guney met also at the Grammy after party, his old colleagues and producers “Al Walser” from Hollywood, who was nominated at the last Grammy Awards. In addition to international producers and nominees Guney equally met the L.A. based “Ferdinand Prinz von Anhalt”, who in about 2 weeks could be participating at the Oscar Awards. The Prinz came originally from a town near Kassel Germany.

Currently Guney works closely with producers from Berlin, Los Angeles and New York City and their publications are not only currently featuring worldwide on radios and in clubs, but are also running as recovers on famous compilations. In future Guney intends to set up two more sites and business branches of his company in New York City and Los Angeles so that artists will have a contact person at the respective locations.

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