Fairfax, VA Home Care Agency Releases New Series of Blogs on Dementia/Alzheimer’s

Caring Hands Matter – Fairfax Home Care Agency
Caring Hands Matter releases new series of blogs on caring for a loved one who is afflicted with dementia. The Fairfax, VA home care agency hopes they will shed light on an important issue.

Fairfax, Virginia – March 18, 2016 – Caring Hands Matter has released a new blog series that discusses caring for a loved one who is afflicted with dementia/Alzheimer’s. Caring Hands Matter, a Fairfax, VA home care agency that provides in-home care services in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC believes that this new series of blogs will shed light on an important issues in home care that are affecting more Americans every year.

Millions of adult children are currently caregivers for an elderly parent or loved one. As the population continues to age, more and more adult children will be thrust into the caregiving role. The role of a caregiver is mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing. Many families in Fairfax city and county will require additional assistance from a nursing home, assisted living or may choose to elect dementia care in Fairfax, VA. It is this increase in adult children caregivers that spurred the home care agency to release a series of blogs that discuss the various aspects of caring for a loved one with dementia. These blogs will highlight various important niche topics as well as provide a general overview to new caregivers.

Some of the useful blogs in this recent series include:

• How to Manage Dementia Patients With Aggressive/Difficult Behavior

• How to Effectively Communicate With Someone With Dementia

• Physical Challenges of Caring for a Loved One With Dementia

• Different Stages and Progression of Alzheimer’s

Many home care agency organizational websites provide broad surface-level information on caring for a loved one suffering from a dementing illness, but they do not dig deeper into the issue. The blogs mentioned above highlight the highs and the lows of caring for someone afflicted with dementing diseases.

Caring Hands Matter is a home care agency based in Fairfax, VA that serves Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.

Their headquarters address is: Caring Hands Matter, 10560 Main Street, Suite #PS90, Fairfax, VA 22030 and can be contacted online at https://www.caringhandsmatter.com or by phone at (703) 457-1744.

About Caring Hands Matter:

Based in Fairfax, VA Caring Hands Matter provides caregiving, companionship and other non-medical in-home care services to residents of Northern Virginia. With long-standing ties to the community, Caring Hands Matter’s mission is to improve the quality of life for their clients and their respective loved ones.

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