18+ game ‘Bad words’ dubbed “The Next Cards Against Humanity” is now live on Kickstarter for pre-order

After the idea of the game was turned into a reality through the support and encouragement provided from an earlier Kickstarter, the developers have now launched another campaign on Kickstarter in order to pre-sell the 18+ game called ‘Bad words’. The backers will have a chance to order the game at a lesser price than its retail value, and in the process get a list of additional rewards that are only available as Kickstarter Exclusives.

Bad Words is, as the makers call it, ‘the love child of Taboo and Cards Against Humanity.’  Gameplay requires the players to get their team to say the word written on the top of the card but without using any of the “bad words” listed on their card. The teams are divided around a table and have a set time to get their team to guess as many words as possible.  Bad Words contains word categories that range from Disgusting, Sexual, Mixed Drinks, Movies, Fetishes, Celebrities and more.  While not all Bad Words are vulgar, and some aren’t even humorous outright (there is a category that consists of Tragedies and Assassinations, for instance) the way gameplay randomly flows from one category to the other can lead to quite an interesting experience.  The Hosnovan Co. also pride themselves on producing a game that, while vulgar and inappropriate in nature, does not promote hate or openly mock any particular groups of people.

The game consists of a box which is capable of holding 500 cards along with 198 cards with bad words written on both sides, for a total of 396 Bad Words available for gameplay.  There are stretch goals in place for the Kickstarter, in which the creators have come up with expansion packs to supplement the game.  One of the new features of an expansion pack, in addition to more words to supplement the base deck, are Action Cards.  Action Cards dictate a way in which the player is to take their turn.  Sample Action Cards shown in the photos of the product shows the commands “Every other word must be a cuss word” and “Describe your word using only your hands.”  The creator’s goal with Action Cards is to provide more options for replay without the game getting stale as some games often become so quickly.

Since this product is being pre-sold through a Kickstarter campaign, the backers can have many rewards and customization options for their purchase of the game. Every person who pledges to Bad Words, even a pledge of $1, will receive a customized game card with their name on it as an indication that they were there for day one of the game.  While the game will ultimately retail for $25, the Kickstarter has options to purchase the full game, with the personalized card, for only $15 as an Early Bird Special.  The creators also want to provide as many options for purchasers as possible, including the ability to add small amounts to their pledges for additional rewards.  For instance an additional $10 with get a backer a Bad Words shot glass, a Bad Words beer koozie,a Bad Words coaster, and a Bad Words bottle opener.  By adding $5 to the total pledge, you can sponsor a word card with a name, website link, or anything you desire.  Another very interesting option is for $15, you can get 20 custom word cards printed and delivered to add to your deck, which the creators recommend can be used for inside jokes, friends, or even just your own sick and twisted ideas.   In general, the creators of Bad Words wanted to make sure that early supporters could get something great even if they only have $1 to spare, but if they have even more to contribute they can easily pick and choose which items they would like to receive. 

The Kickstarter campaign has a goal of raising $12,000 and within the first 48 hours of being live hit 20% funded, and while all of the Early Early Bird specials have been taken, the Early Bird as mentioned above are still available.  There is also a stretch goal of $20,000 which will support the makers in expanding the features of the base game as well as expansion packs as additional reward add-ons.   

More information about the game and rewards are available on the Kickstarter page for the campaign which can be found directly by going to www.Hosnovan.com which redirects to the campaign for now, but will ultimately be the website where additional information will be found for the game and the company.

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