Slim Wallet by Kisetsu Delivers Beauty, Form, Function and Security

The team behind the Slim Wallet by Kisetsu Alphonso, Ryan, Joel and Edwin came up with the idea of a slim, minimalist wallet through a process that has given way to many great ideas before. The Kisetsu brand and the line of products under it have been created with a belief that life is too short to be wasted on the unnecessary. the company’s design ideology is centered on simplicity, efficiency and freedom from the unnecessary material things holding people back.

“It all began one day at the tail end of 2014. Alphonso has always been a strong follower of the minimalist lifestyle and has supported numerous minimalist wallet projects on Kickstarter. Due to a lapse in attention, Al lost his favourite minimalist wallet. A couple of days later, while relieving themselves in a certain restroom, Al, while sitting atop the porcelain throne, calls out to Ryan and says, “Let us make our own minimalist wallet!” That’s right, Kisetsu was conceived in the same fashion most great ideas do, in a toile,” Kisetsu spokesperson said  of the brand’s backstory.

After conceptualizing, designing and testing a prototype, Alphonso and Ryan took their idea to the world of crowdfunding, where their first Minimalist wallet Haru was successfully crowdfunded and launched. Since then the team has welcomed two new members Joel and Edwin, and have designed and successfully launched two more products.

He further added: “We believe that simplicity gives us more time to do what we really want. Near endless hours of work combined with the relentless pursuit of excellence enables us to break the boundaries of design. It is this, that allows us to create amazing products. We design and craft amazing wallets for everyone who wants more time.”

The team of four, at work behind Kisetsu Collections have focused on developing a high-quality line of thin wallets that are visually stunning yet effective in performance. The team dedication towards Endless Pursuit of Product Innovation for your Everyday-Carry-Items has propelled them to create a brand that lays emphasis on reducing clutter, focusing on the important things and the freedom that comes from being clutter-free.  Kisetsu uses the highest quality of leather to manufacture all its products, each product has been meticulously designed, tested and perfected to ensure that their buyers enjoy the highest level of quality. Kisetsu offers a range of RFID secured slim wallets that suit different lifestyles and occasions.


Team Kisetsu includes Alphonso, Ryan, Joel and Edwin. Together they have a passion for product design and innovative ideas.

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