Your Jodi releases new EP that Promises To Deliver a Whole New Musical Experience before his album

Success cannot be achieved by any sort of a short cut or an easy way. In fact, in order to be successful you need to put in immense effort and be consistent and focused towards your ultimate goal. Same is the success story of ‘Your Jodi’.

An artist that originated from the city of Missouri, Kansas that made the world appreciate him for his extraordinary and charismatic approach towards its unique blend of R&B. 

The music produced by Your Jodi is not just the traditional music we hear every day, but he actually conveys his ideas and aspirations through his melodies.

Your Jodi’s latest EP has been uploaded on some famous websites such as spinrilla, audiomack and mymixtapez. Good news for his fans is that a number of his shows are coming up in future which would be a delight to watch. 

The extended play has already been released and the future time of his album release has not been announced yet. This uncertainty in the date of his future album release date has caused stir amongst his fans as they are too excited for it. They are even eager for it since they have been waiting for it since a long time. 

The charismatic artist has released his most current album, EP, just to make his fan base prepared for the big thing. That big thing would be his new album whose release date has not been revealed yet. His latest ep has received much applaud which is named as ‘leave a message’ and it was hosted by DJ HB Smooth. The new album that has caused uproar amongst the fans and is yet to be released is named as 69 Shades of Jodi.  

His extended play consisted of many different musical melodies. The first and foremost song on his extended play was Adele’s ‘Hello’. The video of the song was also featured in R&B which was appreciated by a large number of people.

Here is the link to that video:

and links to the official EP mixtape:

The basic purpose of this release is to show that ‘Your Jodi’ is coming up with something bigger and better for all his valuable fans. Its main aim was to make people aware and prepare for them before the actual album gets released. Our goal behind this release has been achieved as we feel that we are successful in letting people know about it. You all should definitely listen to this album as we know that it would live up to your expectations for sure.

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