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United States – March 21, 2016 – Travel Maps App ( is putting the joy of traveling right in the fingertips of today’s road warriors, backpackers, holiday vacationers, business tourists, medical tourists, spring breakers, and other tourists and travelers. With a unique twist to providing excellent graphic instructions and lighting quick interactive geolocation maps, Travel Maps App is guaranteed to make travel and destination exploration a whole lot more meaningful.

While there is a ton of travel maps application software both on desktop and mobile devices, none so far can come close to the unique user interface of Travel Maps App simply because this is no ordinary travel map. According to Jason T. Shortes, Travel Maps App’s spokesperson, the application was designed primarily to accommodate the needs of today’s travelers. “When Travel Maps App was developed, there was only one thing in mind – how to make it a lot easier for the traveler and the tourist to obtain the most accurate and most up-to-date information that will point him in the right direction. As such, we have designed Travel Maps App in such a way that it will not only integrate some of the world’s best geolocation services but also do it with such ease and accuracy that Travel Maps App will be more like referring to your magnetic North compass every time travelers and tourists use it.”

In fact, Shortes explains, Travel Maps App’s design was made in such a way that it can seamlessly integrate with other geolocator providers such as Google Maps. This integration allows users the option to view the vicinity of a particular location using Google Maps’ Street View. For example, clicking on a fork-and-knife icon on the interactive map will show that icon’s represented establishment. And since fork and knife are always associated with dining, then the tourist and traveler will know that this is a restaurant or a place to eat. Clicking on the icon presents information about the restaurant including its business name, its complete address, and its contact number. It also provides a snapshot of the area or the establishment itself. Additionally, at the bottom of the information box, users can have the option on what to do next, whether to view the surrounding areas on a Street View functionality or get directions in getting to the exact location.

The point about Travel Maps App, according to Shortes, is that it does not clutter the map with different vector icons all at the same time. All the usual searchable establishments and locations are conveniently stacked up on the right side of the interactive map. This includes airports, banks, car rentals, lodging hotels, doctors, embassies, train stations, shopping malls, travel agencies, and a whole lot more. These are just perfect for travelers and tourists. Clicking on any one of these icons will present on the map the location of such establishments. Clicking on the vectored icon will present users with the information they may need.

Travel Maps App is now available on Google Play as well as App Store and can be used on a desktop or any mobile device such as tablets, phablets, and smart phones.

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