Motorcycle Enthusiasts Build New Online Helmet Shop

ArzGear is the newest motorcycle helmets supplier that boasts of carefully curated selection of helmets and motor accessories. With the current launch of their online shop, motorcycle enthusiasts can now readily browse their latest collections of helmet from the comforts of their own home. Although ArzGear is picky about functionality and durability of its products, this online shop also stands out due to their uniquely fashionable selection of helmets.

Find the latest and hottest curation of motorcycle helmets from the latest motor accessories online shop in Malaysia. ArzGear is the newest addition to the number of trusted online shops that specializes in high-quality helmets and other motor gears. 

Built by motorcycle enthusiasts themselves, the shop started from a simple collection of top-performing helmets, specifically from the Masei brands. Eventually, the collection grew, which led to the creation of the ArzGear helmet shop. By knowing their audience well, ArzGear is able to provide a no-fuss experiences for buyers to purchase helmets online. 

“We do not what to just crowd our store with as many products as possible. We want every product to be carefully considered by the team, before it goes live on the site,” said one of the co-founders of ArzGear. 

Furthermore, the site assures that every product were tested and proven by the motorcycling team themselves to be fully functional. However, beyond function, ArzGear also boasts to be one of the first few shops to offer fashionable designs of helmets and other gears. Most if not all of the products from the shop are graphic helmets that do not only provide full head protection, but also creates a statement for every motorcycle riders.

“When we ride, we aren’t just driving, we try to enjoy it the best way we can,” a statement from the website says, believing that modern designs are part of the top considerations of any motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Despite the quality and creativity infused in their helmets, ArzGear is currently one of the online shops with the most affordable helmet prices. Although the main offering of the shop is limited to helmets as of today, ARZ is determined to expand its collection to more motorcycle gear collections, and to be recognized as the leading brand for motorcycle equipment in Southeast Asia.

The latest collections of helmets are now up at

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