Leading Expert Judson Gee of JHG Financial Shares Financial Advice

Leading financial expert announces his top money moves.

On one side are millions of people who fear retirement.

On the other side are worry free and happy retirement years.

In the middle is a man on a mission.

Judson Gee of JHG Financial has dedicated his life to helping others make smart money moves including taxes, retirement, and investing.

“There are 3 major hurdles that I see often and they are time, taxes, and procrastination,” says Gee.

One smart money strategy that many overlook has to do with the tax advantages for retirement accounts. Most workers should be maximizing putting aside 10% in their retirement accounts such as IRAs and 401k’s, paying special attention to company matched programs.

Gee adds, “Procrastination is really hurting people and causing them to leave money on the table.”

Gee is also the go to advisor for self employed individuals because the IRS allows certain employer sponsored programs/retirement plans.  Super simplified (Solo K) or individual 401k and also a SEP IRA (for people without employees) are great tools.

Judson has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry and is managing partner of JHG Financial.  He draws on many years of money management experience to help individuals and small businesses achieve their financial goals through personalized financial planning and effective wealth management strategies.

Judson has been named a FIVE STAR Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager every year since 2008.

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