Purely Triton Limited Supports the Hospicio Foundation for the Elderly

LOS ANGELES, CA –  23 Mar, 2016 – Purely Triton Limited, a Hong Kong based company is to provide its products to the Hospicio Foundation Singapore, a home for senior citizens, at wholesale cost.

The Vice President of Sales of the company, Susan Prentice, met with the director of the foundation, Steven Liu, last Friday to conclude an agreement effective for 6 months to provide all the company’s products to their residents for less than 40% of the retail cost. In doing so, the company hopes to enhance their corporate image as a supporter of the ever growing population of aging Singaporeans.

According to Ms. Prentice, the product with the most demand among the residents so far is the Pocket Mini Massager. She says that this is the choice of many senior citizens because of its lightweight and because it doesn’t exhaust the wrist when held for an extended period of time.

One 67 year old resident, Mary Wu, says that she uses the massager every evening on her neck and finds it very soothing and relaxing.  She was especially impressed with how penetrating the vibration is. 

David Tan, who says that he is 76 with severe arthritis, loves the fact that the Pocket Mini Massager is light enough for his frail hand to hold. He uses the product mainly on his arms and shoulders.

In parting, Ms. Prentice promised the home’s management of ongoing support from her staff with periodic visits each month.  The company would like to eventually create a page on their company website with photos and reviews from the elderly who have bought their products.

For information on the Pocket Mini Massager, please visit their US website, www.mypersonalmassager.com

If you happened to be in Singapore, you can visit their Singapore branch office located on the second floor of the P&T Building, 4 Adman Street and ask for Julie Mae, their market representative for Singapore, who will answer any questions regarding their massage products.

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