SearchAllIndia offers an insight about how kids can emerge successful after completing education

23 Mar, 2016 – Well, we know you’re probably going to be surprised at the title. However, it indeed seems to be the bitter reality which not many seem to be aware of.

Although we doubt if anyone reading this will deny the importance of education, it also seems that many are misunderstanding how exactly to “value” education. Yes, we are hinting towards all the pressure parents nowadays put on their children, having their hopes high as the sky when it comes to marks and rankings.

What many fail to realize is that there can only be so many so called toppers in a given class, and it’s basically useless, if not unfair, to compare your children’s performance with any other student. As they say, not all are the same and everyone has their own strong points and weaknesses. Just because your child hasn’t scored over 90% in their class like your neighbor, doesn’t mean they are losers.

According to Kartikeya Sharma, we know it may sound a little harsh, but it’s nowhere near to being as much as the numerous surprising suicides of students who are just 15-20 years old. Why do they feel like ending up their life at such a young age where they may not even understand its meaning?

At the end of the day, it’s how “developed” your child turns out to be after completing their school that actually matters, and not how many marks they scored. We have no shortage of people to offer as examples of students who didn’t really scored 90s in their school but turned out to be extraordinarily successful after stepping their foot in the real world.

So, parents, it’s probably high time you realize how actually to “value” education.

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