United Card Solutions announces credit card chip technology implementation process


Samantha Charles says, “Chip technology processing has greatly decreased in-store credit card fraud in its first 5 months of use.  In-store fraud is down 5% in this time frame.”

But Charles goes on to say, “Online fraud is up 4% in that same time frame, and thieves have found new ways to steal, even with chip technology.”

Having your business protected with the new processing equipment that is chip compliant is the easiest and fastest way to protect your business from fraud.  Train your employees on how to use the new terminals, and institute strict policies in your business that only chip cards are to be processed in the correct manner for your business from now on.

An alarming number of government agencies and health care organizations have had their security breached in the last 6 months.  These breaches have exposed millions of resident’s social security numbers as well as other sensitive data.  Armed with this knowledge, thieves are creating new fraudulent accounts, using other people’s identities and stealing now at the rate of just over $36,000 dollar per minute worldwide.  Teaching your employees to use the chip technology on your new processing machines is the best line of defense for a small business to protect yourself from these thieves.

For the consumer you can protect your mobile device with these 5 easy methods:

1. Use strong passwords on your devices

2. Secure your mobile device with a strong passcode and encrypting programs in case of theft.

3. Get credit freeze on your personal credit reports.  This will stop any fraudulent activity if your identity has been stolen.

4. Take security breach news seriously if you were a customer of the breached business or agency.

5. Sign up for account alerts.

Charles states, “Using these 5 methods will greatly increase the ability to keep your credit safe and deter thieves.”

If you want to contact United Card Solutions please email at info@unitedcardsolutions.com

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