National Card Solutions Introduces 3 Steps You Can Use To Stop Credit Card Fraud
Nancy Clinton of National Card Solutions says “the implement of the chip and dip technology has had its desired effect in decreasing in store credit card fraud”, the alarming trend Clinton continues is, “the breach of major companies and government agencies like the IRS, stealing sensitive data including social security numbers.”

“Armed with this information, thieves are creating new fraudulent accounts and stealing at a rate that equals about $35,600 per minute over the last 6 years worldwide.”

The US government and US enterprise are spending billions of dollars to increase their online and in store security.  But you, as a consumer have tools at your disposal to help protect yourself from these fraudsters. If you are like most people, your life, and financial life revolves around the convenience of your mobile device.  Smart phone, tablet, etc., all your personal information stored on one device, that if stolen could be easily accessed by the wrong person.

Here are 3 ways you can protect yourself if this happens:

1. Use a strong password to keep unwanted people from accessing your mobile device.  Writing down your password increases your chances for being breached.  Instead, use a password manager, passcode, or fingerprint protection to keep unwanted people from accessing your data.

2. Use Credit Card freeze:  if your card is lost or stolen, enacting credit card freeze limits access to your credit report.  These reports are imperative in opening new accounts for people, and without having access to seeing this report, creditors will not open new accounts, thus thwarting any thieves that have accessed your personal information.  This freeze must be placed with each of the three major credit reporting agencies, and can be unthawed, when applying for legitimate credit.

3. Take data breaches seriously:  20% of all data breach victims suffered fraud or identity theft in 2015 and that number is up from 15% in 2014.  The biggest jump in breaches in 2015 was government agencies and health care organizations with a 64% rise in exposure of social security numbers.  Monitor breaches reported by the news diligently.  If you have business with an organization that has been breached, check your credit report and protect yourself from further theft.

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