Transportation Accidents and Its Implications to Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury lawyers exist to protect the rights of people from economic suffering brought about by transportation accidents.
In 1975, there were 44,525 deaths due to fatal vehicular accidents involving some 55,534 vehicles.

Four decades later in 2014, there were 32,675 deaths due to fatal vehicular accidents involving 44,858 vehicles. If you are going to look closely at the trend and considering that the population of the United States has been steadily increasing from 216 million in 1975 to 318.9 million in 2014 for an average annual rate of 2.57 million, you can say that transportation accidents are actually on the downtrend. With improvements in vehicle safety as well as renewed emphasis on traffic and transportation law enforcement, it is highly possible to expect much better outlook in transportation safety in the near future.

The data shows only land transportation accidents. It does not show air transportation and water transportation accidents which should show the same pattern of declining mortality statistics because of improved technologies and better enforcement of traffic and transportation laws.

What you don’t see in these figures is the hundreds of thousands of other people who get injured from these transportation accidents and who spend a lot of money for their hospitalization expenses including medications, costly surgical procedures, and very expensive rehabilitation programs. Additionally, the time lost from work because of the accident and the resulting hospitalization and treatment have severely drained the financial reserves of the families of these victims. It is a very costly accident. And this is where personal injury lawyers can provide the necessary assistance.

While it is indeed comforting to know that the actual number of fatalities from transportation accidents are declining throughout the years, it does not provide consolation to the fact that the economic losses as a direct result of these accidents are severely affecting individual Americans all over the country. Not everyone can afford expensive and premium healthcare services and as such can only rely on what the generic public healthcare system can offer. As such, filing for personal injury claims related to transportation accidents has never been more important.

Commuters and ordinary people who become victims of transportation accidents need to understand that they don’t need to suffer in silence because there are now laws that tell them they can file for damages. Personal injury laws exist to protect the rights of ordinary people from economic suffering brought about by transportation accidents. This is where personal injury lawyers can provide their expertise to help transportation accident victims seek redress for their injuries and losses.

So, if ever you figured in a transportation accident that severely affected your life and your ability to provide for the economic survival of your family, seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer. They can help you find the best solution for your problems.

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