Avis Regime One of the First to Review the New BrainPlus IQ

Cellular turnover is a part of the body’s healing and renewal process.  Cells die each day, and as humans age the growth of new cells slows.  Brain cells are slower to turnover and some simple die never to be replaced as we age.  This accounts for short or long term memory loss, “brain fog” and lack of energy and motivation in many.  Certain behaviors and activities will tamp down on the cellular renewal process making it harder for your brain to recover and function at its maximum capacity.  Supplements have been created to aid in this process and include everything from simple Omega-3s to more nuanced blends.  Avis Regime, a French wellness magazine, attempts to review products for their efficacy in order to make recommendations to their readers.  Most recently, Avis reviewed New BrainPlus IQ.  Not only did they give the supplement positive ratings but recommended it to their readers.  Fabian Brown, the spokesperson for BrainPlus IQ, commented on the praise in response:

“We are very excited to have our products out in the market and being received with such high praise.  We do our best to create what we call ‘health opportunities’ for our clients by providing natural options that will enable them to live longer, better, and happier lives.”

BrainPlus IQ’s formula was designed to provide the brain with the nutrients and vitamins it requires to be healthy and high functioning.  A healthy brain means more energy, more focus, and improvement in cognitive function and problem solving skills.  A healthy brain also is capable of storing and retrieving more information.  One of the aspects to taking BrainPlus IQ, according to Avis, was that it kept the brain awake during midday, a time when most people’s brains start to crash.  BrainPlus IQ’s special formula was designed to not only help with memory loss, but also to keep the brain energized and working at top form.

To read the Avis Regime full review, follow the link provided: http://www.avisregime.fr/brainplus-iq-avis/

About Avis Regime:

Avis Regime is a health magazine that focuses on healthy eating, living, exercise, beauty, and weight loss. Based in France, the staff writes to help their readers make smarter lifestyle choices, almost all of which they use themselves. The website has seen rapid growth over the last year and has unveiled a redesigned interface with new writers to give their visitors a better user experience.

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