Renowned Herbalist Dr. Merry Li Says Chinese Medicine Is Ideal for Rosacea Treatment

24 Mar, 2016 – Rosacea may transform from a chronic skin condition to a leading factor contributing increased risk for Parkinson’s Disease. Swelling of the skin on the face, redness characterized by remissions of red marks occurring on the nose, chin or on the forehead, usually affecting individuals of light skin color type. Out of four types, three affect skin and one affects eyes.

Medication and topical irritants, extreme changes within the climate, excessive caffeine, alcohol and even foods high on spice and histamines are also known to cause bursts associated with dilation of minute blood vessels on the face, red capped papules and pustules, red eyes, burning and stinging sensation, and in rare advanced cases, a red bumpy nose, may develop. Yet, the exact cause remains elusive till date.

It may be diagnosed accordingly denoted by causes as Cathelicidins, Demodex mites or Intestinal bacteria. In a new study published in JAMA Neurology on March 21, Alexander Egeberg from the University of Copenhagen shed light on the risk of Parkinson’s disease in those suffering from rosacea. The study concluded with the observation that the incidence rate was greater than the rate of total population suffering from Parkinson’s with further research being carried out to determine a causal relationship.

“Rosacea is thought to begin in late twenties disturbing the harmony and balance of your body’s system. Excessive accumulation of heat within the lungs, liver and the stomach relieved with Traditional Chinese Medicine produces results resolving the symptoms of the facial epidermal layers. Toxins form due to a direct result of disturbance with the body’s heating systems that require detox,” said Dr. Merry Li.

Ancient Chinese Medicine combines native herbs aimed at a synergistic effect in one formula designed to circumvent unpleasant side effects and work effectively by a herbal method with the use of the Acneed Capsule designed by Dr. Li to treat all types of rosacea; containing 14 different natural herbs that reduce skin inflammation, provides hormonal balance preventing future breakouts and improves blood circulation nourishing damaged skin. The capsule compounded with Rosacea Cream is a botanical method to moisturize the skin.

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