AppYourWay Builds Apps For IOS and Android Devices Using Mobile Friendly Websites For Less Then A Cup A Coffee A Day

24 Mar, 2016 – Today consumers under 40 see apps as the new bookmarks.  Who wouldn’t want to book your haircut, get your vehicle serviced, order your pizza, book your dentist all via an app on your mobile device?

Big business can afford to spend millions on an app but for small to medium size businesses, it’s simply unaffordable, until now.

Introducing AppYourWay of Ottawa Canada!  We have developed the means of providing businesses who have a mobile friendly website to get on the Apple and Google store using a native app for just $25 a month – that’s less than a cup of coffee a day.   What features does a $25 a month app include?

• Full native IOS and Android app, not a web app or app wanna be

• Push notifications

• 3D IOS menus

• Landing page with up to 8 fully customizable menu items that link to URL’s of your choice

• House ads for your sponsors, full page and banner that generate additional revenue for you

• So much more…

With the ever increasing use of mobile devices the cost of developing an app continues to skyrocket leaving many small to medium size businesses without access to millions of potential mobile customers.

With AppYourWay, you don’t have to worry about how to build an app.  Using our prioprietary app build tool, you build your app in minutes and see what it looks like on IOS and Android devices real time it’s so easy.   Once you’re happy with your creation, simply press ‘submit’ and AppYourWay gets the app on both the Apple and Android stores, it’s that simple.

Why would a company like Mercedes choose AppYourWay?   Like Mercedes, you ensure that your front door – your mobile website is as friendly as possible.  So why reinvent the wheel by designing an app from scratch at a cost of thousands when AppYourWay brings your customers to specific links on your website?   If you’re a hairstylist, you can bring your users right to your booking page, if your business has a blog, you can link your users right to it.

“We’re seeing newspapers, automobile dealerships, delivery companies, pizza parlours, lawyers, radio stations, retail stores all coming to AppYourWay because they don’t want to hire a full time app developer or pay high maintenance fees when changes are needed but they do want to reach the extra 60% of the market that their missing today,” says Terry Billingsley CEO or AppYourWay.

If you make a change to the website content, it is immediately reflected on the app.   Add or edit links while the app is live, no need to have us involved.   No annual maintenance fees, no extra costs – one price for you or the multibillion dollar corporation.

“Folks accessing your business using the web is at a all time low with only 40% using their traditional browsers to interact with you and that declines at 1% or more per year while mobile browser users only make up 17% of your user base, they simply don’t like using those small keyboards to type your URL.  With AppYourWay, your app now appears on their device, making it easy for the user to find you.  Great branding, easy to use, what’s better than that!” says Terry Billingsley.

“It’s never been done before at a price everyone can afford which is why we’re doing this,” says Billingsley.

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AppYourWay is a subsidiary of Time To Information (TTI), which was established in the year 2000 by Terry Billingsley, located in Ottawa Canada, has been developing solutions for the average consumers and business alike for over 30 years. Time To Information continues to pioneer unique easy to use applications and solutions that real people use. Along with the award winning designers such as Ian Seguin, Terry thinks outside the box in developing solutions, never caring to follow but would rather lead a segment. Their team of strong interface, architecture, developer, project and finance skills combine to achieve amazing results.

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Terence Billingsley
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