Understanding Long-Term Drug Residential Drug Treatment Program in California

California is known for its beautiful ocean views, beaches, warn sunny weather, Hollywood and much more. However, California is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction which is damaging to individuals, families and communities.
Managing the ill effects of drug addiction is often long and tedious.

Depending on the severity or extent of an individual’s drug addiction and dependence, the whole treatment and rehabilitation process can take more than 120 days, although on the average 30 days would seem sufficient. Drug treatment programs can also be provided in two modalities: outpatient services or inpatient residential drug treatment programs. Experts will always recommend a long-term drug residential drug treatment program in California as the best possible option for drug dependents and drug addicts.

A long-term drug residential drug treatment program will often last around 60, 90, or even 120 days. In some cases, particularly those that require more intensive and extensive therapies, can even be longer than 120 days. The reason for the rather lengthy rehabilitation program is that psychological, emotional, and social rehabilitation cannot occur overnight. Whereas medical detoxification can help prepare the body and the mind for eventual rehabilitation, it will often take a few days up to a few weeks of full and complete detoxification before any psychotherapies and behavioral and cognitive remodeling therapies be initiated. The reason for this is quite simple.

A long-term drug residential drug treatment program relies on the complete or total elimination of the addicting substance from the body so that therapists will be able to enlist the full cooperation and focus of the individual. If the individual still feels a lot of the withdrawal symptoms, he will feel cranky, be very agitated, and will be prone to restlessness and anxiety attacks. And while there are medications that can be given in a long-term drug residential drug treatment program to manage these symptoms, the effects of these medications can also alter the perception and cognition of the individual. Hence, no amount of cognitive and behavioral therapy will ever be successful simply because the individual does not have the correct focus and motivation to really imbibe the principles of the therapy. This is why complete elimination of the addicting substance must be first established even before any serious long-term drug residential drug treatment program therapies can be initiated. At the very least, a week or so of intense detoxification is needed.

The cognitive and behavioral therapy aspect of a long-term drug residential drug treatment program is often very challenging. The success of these therapies is largely dependent on the individual’s ability to have an open mind and his willingness to change. Without this willingness, it will be impossible to ascertain any success. That is why trust is essential. And when it comes to building trust, it takes an awful lot of time before you can get someone to trust you. This is why a long-term drug residential drug treatment program will take this long because of the building of trust. Without it, it simply is impossible to make any progress with the drug treatment and rehabilitation plans. And everyone in the drug treatment center is fully aware of the importance of building trust in their patients or residents.

It is for this reason that a long-term drug residential drug treatment program is best suited for drug addicts and drug dependents.

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