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Los Angeles, CA, March 24, 2016 — Women all across the world face a myriad of challenges and personal issues each and every day. When professional ambitions factor in with raising a family and leading a healthy life outside of the office, working away from home and raising a family are factored into the picture, this can lead to many women experience complete exhaustion and overwhelm, which increases mental health complexities and hinders women’s ability to reach their full potential.

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland is proud to announce it will be showcasing a interview with Modern Femme™ — a safe place where all women can retreat. Katy Blevins and Somer Chambley, co-founders of Modern Femme™, sat down for an up close discussion with Kathy Ireland, pinpointing the numerous obstacles women face when establishing and maintaining a professional work life that also thrives at home.

Modern Femme™ is a community of women who help others from all walks of life redefine their personal goals and success. Not only do these women augment a smooth personal success development plan, but they also provide the resources needed to follow this plan. Modern Femme™ has already made a huge impact on the lives of countless women.

Modern Femme™ embraces women as they are, assesses their talents, desires and dreams, and throughout an inspirational weekend, attendees gain the knowledge and resources they need to lead successful and balanced lives.

There will be a strong sense of acceptance and excitement enjoyed when attending Modern Femme™’s event May 12-14 at The Westin Town Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Women from different walks of life are welcome to attend, including professional women, stay-at-home moms and unemployed women. For registration information please click here.

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About Modern Femme™
Modern Femme inspires women to redefine their personal success in a way that allows them to turn their professional dreams into realities while also embracing a fully present life outside of the workplace. Championing acceptance, community, encouragement and transparency, Modern Femme equips and empowers working women with the tools needed to thrive and flourish in a community that celebrates the beauty of individual choice and the power that exists when women deliberately seek solidarity over competition.

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