New process for live streaming webinars can increase viewers and audience retention by 200% will be demonstrated live at the 2016 NAB Show by HuddleCamHD

“”Our webinar attendance is up 200% after we started live streaming our webinars””
Has anyone noticed that everyone is hosting webinars? That’s because hosting a webinar is one of the most effect ways to deliver a message to audiences around the world. Our company hosts almost 100 webinars a year and we picked up on some interesting trends that can easily double and triple your regular webinar attendance. It’s called Live Streaming.

Downingtown, PA – HuddleCamHD is a professional PTZ USB 3.0 camera manufacture based in Downingtown, PA, USA. This week HuddleCamHD released a report detailing the results of over 100 webinars hosted with a variety of webinar providers including: GoToWebinar. WebEX, Skype for Business and Zoom Webinars. At this years NAB 2016 show HuddleCamHD will demonstrate just how easy it is to live stream a webinar at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 18th-21st. HuddleCamHD’s results have found that live streaming a webinar to CDN destinations such YouTube (the worlds #2 largest search engine) can boost webinar attendance by 200-300%. 

Levi Davis, Lead Sales Technician for HuddleCamHD explains “All you need is a frame grabber ($299 from Magewell or Epiphan) and a second computer to live stream with….” Davis continues “We have found that given the choice the majority of our viewers prefer watching our webinars on YouTube vs traditional platforms that require a download and installation process.”

Boost Webinar Attendance with Live Streaming from Paul Richards


Slideshare link: Boost Webinar Attendance with Live Streaming 

People like watching videos on YouTube. When your Webinar is available on YouTube you can expect an increase in viewers, audience retention and chat participation. Now let’s take things a step further. A innovative new service call Joicaster will take a single live stream and distribute it to multiple CDN’s. Switchboard Live (the owners of Joicaster) claim this can increase live event audiences by up to five times the viewers of a single CDN. Our early test has confirmed that we can increase our webinar viewers by about 2X and the initial results are displayed on the chart below. 

As you can see we have almost doubled our webinar attendance by streaming to multiple destinations which include: CBS Interactive, ConnectCast, Dailymotion, Yahoo Live and YouTube Live. If live streaming is a new technology for you, I would suggest starting with YouTube Live. Once you have hosted a couple webinars successfully with YouTube Live consider boosting your audience further with Joicaster. 


If you offer your users the option to watch your webinar online you may be surprised how many users take advantage of the offer. YouTube will reward you with huge SEO benefits, instantly giving your recorded video views for all the webinar attendees. If your viewers arrive a 1/2 hour late they can simply turn back time using YouTube’s recorded video feature. Plus YouTube now supports video up to 1080p 60fps and is currently using the most advanced adaptive bit rate streaming possible to reach the largest audiences even at the lowest bandwidth availability. 

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