Band-It 5 – The World\’s First Modular Minimal Wallet Crowdfunding Campaign Is Now Live.

Innovative designer A. Magpoc has recently taken his new project Band-It 5 – The World’s First Modular Minimal Wallet to popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise funds and draw support for the minimalist yet functional wallet design. He has taken this initiative to raise the funds to cover the cost of materials, production, and marketing. The project’s crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter is now live with a funding goal of at least $7,500 USD to be raised by Sunday, May 16, 2016.

The basic aim of the Band-it Modular minimal wallet featuring changeable color bands, removable cover and stealth pocket for coins, keys and more is to reduce clutter as much as possible to make the design simple, functional and versatile for everyday use. The wallet has been manufactured using high-quality materials, including original leather for great durability and style. The Band-it wallet is available in two versions including the basic and affordable “Band-it Bare Bones” and the upgraded “Band-it The Works” with modular removable cover and Band-it 5 Stealth Pocket perfect for storing coins, keys and more. Both versions come with interchangeable colored bands which make the wallet versatile.

The A. Magpoc Designs spokesperson said: “We created Band-it 5 with the customer in mind. Numerous Band-it customers have asked if they can replace the band so we wanted to give customers the ability to customize their Band-it with changeable color bands. Put on a red band for a night on the town or switch it to black to take to work.”

The crowdfunding project offers various pledge options to suit different preferences. A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions. The wallet, its concept, and design have been reviewed and talked about by various technology and gadget reviews and news platforms which have brought into limelight the positive aspects of Band-it minimal wallets.

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About us (A. Magpoc Designs): Sewing runs in the family as grandfather (on Dad’s side of the family) was a tailor. I’ve teamed up with a small group of experienced sewing operators and together we’re helping people simplify their lives with minimal products and will soon jump into the world of titanium products.

Media Contact:

Name: Andrew Magpoc

City,State: Colorado Springs, Colorado


Media Contact
Company Name: A. Magpoc Designs
Contact Person: Andrew Magpoc
Country: United States