Save Time, Money, and Effort: William Haas & Associates Improves How Businesses Run

LA JOLLA, CA – 25 Mar, 2016 – William Haas & Associates announces the launch of their boutique business and technology consulting firm which helps businesses seize competitive advantages in their industry by integrating business development with innovative technology solutions.

William Haas & Associates brings a combined 22 years of experience working with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries ranging from research, engineering, manufacturing, government contracts, information technology, financial services, consulting services, business management, and digital dentistry.

“Our extensive and varied knowledge base allows us to provide new perspectives and creative solutions for our clients,” said Dr. David Haas, technical director of William Haas & Associates.

William Haas & Associates understand today’s business environments are constantly evolving, economic conditions are challenging, competition is ever increasing, budgets are being cut, and customers are becoming more fickle.

“Your business is our business. Our firm will treat your business as if it were our own – acting and thinking like business partners. Being great is no longer sufficient. Companies need to be at the forefront of their industry, maintaining constant and consistent growth, in order to reach their maximum potential,” said Jeff Billy, managing director of William Haas & Associates.

William Haas & Associates will partner with your business to understand the unique business challenges your company faces within your industry sector, with your clients, and with the overall macroeconomic environment.

About William Haas & Associates

William Haas & Associates, based in La Jolla, CA, was founded in 2016.  William Haas & Associates is a boutique business and technical consulting firm whose goal is to shape their clients’ futures by integrating business development with innovative technology solutions to create competitive and sustainable advantages in their client’s industry.

If you would like more information about William Haas & Associates, please call Jeff Billy at 858-224-3194, or email

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