Zaaki Restaurant and Cafe of Falls church, Virginia and DC – Announces the End of Renovation and Showcases its “Funk interior design”

You can only appreciate the granite tops, luxury flooring, exquisite molding, and perfectly engineered lighting if you see it for yourself as no picture can capture the creative essence.
In addition to serving the best Middle Eastern cuisine in the DC metro region, Zaaki is now presenting a new style of interior design. Khaled Eltayeb, owner of Zaaki, is also a great design and renovation expert and is pleased to showcase the new “Funk” interior design style which he predicts will leave a big impression on the interior design industry.

25 Mar, 2016 – “This is what is called Funk interior design and I think that it’s the first time someone does it this way. I say that because I haven’t seen Funk merged with modern designs that incorporate Silver and Frameless Glass Elements.” Said Khaled Eltayeb, Owner of Zaaki. “I think the biggest surprise is the infinity mirror. Most people have never heard of such a thing let alone seen it. I can’t wait to see the look in customers faces. I think Zaaki has gotten a lot more interesting, don’t you think?”

Zaaki Entertainment is Planning Another Amazing Summer Jam Event

Zaaki’s goal is to serve the best Middle Eastern food, drinks, deserts and hookah for as many hours of the day as possible. However, that is not all! The owner is also determined to be the bridge that links Middle Eastern music and entertainment to the United States. As such, “Zaaki entertainment” hosts the most amazing events, shows, concerts and parties in the DC metro region. Zaaki Entertainment values music, dance and culture as the ultimate unifying message of all cultures and traditions and believes that it is through this positive energy that we can bring people together. That is why it comes as no surprise that in order to celebrate the end of the renovation; Zaaki has decided to sponsor and launch the ultimate party and event this coming summer.

Jessica attended the infamous “Summer Jam Party” last summer and commented after the event “The Summer Jam was unlike anything I have experienced or would have expected. I mean, who would have thought I would be dancing on top of a Yacht that is sailing in the Potomac River of DC, during a Middle Eastern musical event and being in the company of famous Grammy award winning celebrities. All of this while enjoying an open Middle Eastern buffet and hookah. Absolutely amazing”.

Zaaki Entertainment is the entertainment branch of Zaaki Café and is working in collaboration with some of the hottest artists to launch the next event and will present details to the public very soon. Stay tuned to the amazing news and make sure you visit us at to subscribe and/or email us at

Zaaki Middle Eastern Restaurant and Hookah Café – Middle Eastern Cuisine and Culture Venue

Zaaki Middle Eastern restaurant and Hookah café is located in northern Virginia bordering Alexandria, Falls church and Arlington regions. We are a Northern Virginia based Middle Eastern restaurant and hookah bar with a wide array of services and menu items. Our menu offers a wide variety of dishes from all around the Middle East. Apart from the classic and well-known Shawarma, Kibbe, Kabsa, Kabob, Maklube and Lamb chops; the restaurant offers dozens of other dishes including mezza, gyros, salads and desert. We specialize in organic juices and are an official coffee cafe and Tea Gourmet specializing and importing blends of tea and coffee from Morocco, Ethiopia, Turkey and Arabia. Breakfast, lunch and mid-day breaks are perfect moments to enjoy this charming. Zaaki is located at 6020 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Virginia.

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