ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pens Receive Twelve Hundred Reviews in Amazon.

“ChalkTastic Chalk Marker”
ChalkTastic’s popular product colored chalk marker pens has just achieved the milestone of twelve hundred Amazon reviews. This useful art accessory is available in for a discounted price of $13.95 only.

ChalkTastic is pleased to announce that the company’s flagship product Colored Chalk Markers have now received over twelve hundred reviews from its Amazon customers. It is relevant to note here that the product has received such high number of Amazon reviews in less than one year, maintaining an average use rating of 4.6 stars. As a result of its impressive performance, these colored marker pens have steadily been amongst the top three Amazon bestsellers in more than one product category. ChalkTastic is currently offering this product in for a 65% discounted pricing of $13.95.

ChalkTastic specializes in manufacturing high-quality writing accessories derived from chalk, and is known to maintain a strict manufacturing standard for all their products. Each pack of ChalkTastic chalk pens contains eight pens in different vibrant colors. The company claims that the superior quality of the pens can be attributed to the concentrated liquid chalk used to manufacture them. Each of these chalks is non-toxic, odorless, and dust-free. Equipped with a reversible 6mm tip, these pens allow the freedom of using the fine tip markers for detailed work or the broad chisel tip markers for bold lines. Users have also mentioned in their reviews that cleaning up is extremely easy while using these pens. Some of the most common applications of the product are for restaurant menu boards, bistro boards, white board, LED writing board, window markers, car windows, kids’ art, school work, marking dates on food containers, etc.

In his Amazon review, one of the latest users of the product mentioned, “The colors are bright, bold and vibrant. I love that part of the product. My main concern was eras-ability, which was only okay. For the most part I got it off my kids’ small whiteboard but it did seem slightly stained, even when I used a magic eraser to get the remainder off. The board is still very usable so it is not like anything was ruined just didn’t come as clean off as I had hoped. Also, I read not to use them on a traditional chalkboard but I did try them on my kids chalkboard table, which is quite a smooth surface and they erased there as well as on the whiteboard. I would recommend testing them on a small area. Overall, they are pretty good. ”  

Expressing pleasure at the product’s performance, a senior ChalkTastic official stated, “This product has always made us proud since it was launched in Amazon. I congratulate the team on crossing twelve hundred reviews and hope that the next milestone is achieved in no time.”

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