The Role of Christian Drug Rehab Centers in California

California is known for its beautiful ocean views, beaches, warn sunny weather, Hollywood and much more. However, California is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, which is damaging to individuals, families and communities.
Drug treatment and rehabilitation centers can be managed by a variety of groups.

Some are managed by groups of doctors while some are operated and managed by a group of dedicated drug and alcohol abuse counselors. Some are also operated by businessmen who see opportunity in the ever-increasing incidence of drug abuse and addiction all throughout the country. Still, there are those who see the drug scourge as the result of man’s loss of direction when it comes to his spirituality and faith. This is the basis for the creation and establishments of Christian drug rehab centers in California. Even if you do not necessarily believe in the Christian way of living, these faith-based drug rehab centers nevertheless have become important partners in the fight against drugs.

Christian drug rehab centers focus their rehabilitation efforts in providing enlightenment and direction often based on the teachings of the Scripture. While some individuals may find this as an intrusion in their right to observe their own religious beliefs, some Christian drug rehab centers do accept non-Christians as long as there is an inherent motivation from the individual to get better.

The point is faith-based drug rehab programs is the belief that drug problems are the indirect result of an individual’s failure to value life and humanity, which are essentially within the realm of spirituality. When someone loses grasp of how valuable life really is, he behaves or acts in ways that are otherwise contrary to putting value and appreciation for life. While many empiricists and rationalists will tell you that the value of life is something that exists only in the metaphysical domain and hence cannot be accurately measured, suggesting that loss of value placed on life is directly related to the consumption of illicit drugs, those who strongly espouse faith-based therapies counter by saying that faith has something to do with man’s ability to heal himself.

Closely related to some psychological therapeutic models where the power of the mind is harnessed to enable the individual to take full control of what is happening in his body, Christian drug rehab centers believe that the same is true with using faith-based therapies in drug treatment and rehabilitation. By appealing to the intrinsically good nature of man, he may find himself as being a victim of circumstance and that, with the correct guidance and direction, he may eventually find the correct path upon which he can take full control of the direction of his life. One of the prevailing ideas about drug addiction is that man does not necessarily know that what he is doing is something that contradicts life. As such Christian drug rehab centers have to devote a good portion of their treatment programs in helping the individual find meaning in life. Once this has been discovered and appreciate, valuing can begin.

While some may not agree with what Christian drug rehab centers espouse, they are nevertheless important in ensuring a more holistic approach to the management of drug addiction. It is by appealing to the individual’s understanding and appreciation of life that Christian drug rehab centers are able to help individuals lead better, more sober, lives.

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