Making Sense of Addiction Treatment in California

California is known for its beautiful ocean views, beaches, warn sunny weather, Hollywood and much more. However, California is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, which is damaging to individuals, families and communities.
Addiction treatment is definitely unlike the treatment of an organic or medical condition.

A medical condition, once accurately diagnosed, can have directly measurable patient outcomes. Drug addiction treatments, on the other hand, while they do have outcomes, are often defined by psychological, emotional, and social outcomes rather than physiologic. It is for this reason that many in the medical community are also lost as to how best to determine the success of the addiction treatment California and other states in the country are providing. In order to understand the effectiveness of an addiction treatment program, you need to understand the core of the problem first.

Drug addiction is not like a disease that follow a very definite pattern and defined by physiologic changes that can be managed more accurately. For example, if you have a cardiac problem, your doctor will run several tests in order to determine what cause your cardiac problem. Depending on the cause and the severity of your cardiovascular problem, your doctor can perform surgery or even put you on several medications. The problem is easily identifiable and the patient outcomes are easily measured.

Now compare that with addiction treatment. Since addiction has been classified as mainly a form of mental health problem, the treatment and the patient outcome parameters are more subjective and often blurred. For example, one patient outcome for an addiction treatment is the ability to maintain healthy relationships with others. Now if you are going to look closely, how do you measure healthy relationships? When is a relationship no longer considered as healthy? And because health as used in this sense is a little bit vague and may change from one person to another, creating a very definitive highly measurable patient outcome for the addiction treatment is next to impossible.

Nevertheless drug addiction treatment centers must do whatever they can to make sure that patients receive highly-individualized drug treatment and rehabilitation care. The therapies used in an addiction treatment center should reflect the inherently unique characteristics – the psychological, social, and emotional aspects – of the patient himself with the addicting substance fully taken into consideration. This is also one of the reasons why addiction treatment programs must be prepared with a wide variety of therapeutic modalities in order to find a more appropriate treatment program that best suits the needs and characteristics of the individual. Just as no two individuals are exactly alike, the therapies must therefore reflect this understanding.

Now, truly dedicated addiction treatment centers always try to improve on the delivery of their treatment programs. Because no two patients will have the exact same psychological, emotional, and social reaction to an addicting substance, addiction treatment programs must also take into consideration these differences. This is where the challenges lie and this is where some drug addiction treatment centers fail because they employ a generic treatment program intended for all types of drug addiction. This is clearly not the way to go.

Californians are indeed lucky because many of their drug addiction treatment centers recognize these differences and as such are making continuous improvements in their program delivery.

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