Preserving the Gospel for Asian Nation of Laos: 192,000 Laotian Christians Persecuted

25 Mar, 2016 – Open Doors are asking Christians across America to become God’s soldiers in the continuing battle of communism and repression in Laos. This country remains under strict control of a Lenin-Marxist communist regime and strictly forbids any contact or influence from Westerners. There are an estimate 192,000 Christians in Laos who risk their lives daily because of their love of our Lord, Jesus Christ. They face such risks as tribal antagonism yet bravely share God’s love with their many Buddhist neighbors, friends, and family members.

Even with fierce opposition and potential persecution, these brave Laotian Christian believers pray for better times. All Christians across the world are also called upon to take action through daily prayer, as well as helping through political advocacy such as sending the 2016 World Watch List to President Obama and other influential leaders in America and around the world.

It is the continuing mission and concern of Open Doors to expose and stop the persecution of Christians around the world. No matter where one lives, God’s enduring Love is intended to reach and assure each person who chooses to open their soul to Jesus Christ. It is important that the work and plans to carry the Gospel for Asia’s many nations continues into the future. Your prayers, advocacy, and donations are needed and appreciated; find out more by going to the Open Doors website.

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