A Look at 30 Day Rehab California Programs

California is known for its beautiful ocean views, beaches, warn sunny weather, Hollywood and much more. However, California is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, which is damaging to individuals, families and communities.
Undergoing a comprehensive drug treatment and rehabilitation program requires time.

Depending on the willingness and receptivity of the individual seeking treatment and rehabilitation from his drug addiction problems, the whole drug rehab program can take months up to years often without any end in sight. And while technically a 30 day rehab California program finishes within a month’s time, the actual success of the program can only be evident many years afterwards. The 30 day treatment program is just one of several drug rehab programs all over the country. Some have 60 days, 90 days, 120 days and even more than 6 months. The point is that these programs are just preliminary treatments. The actual treatment and rehabilitation actually continues long after the individual has completed his 30 day rehab program.

A comprehensive drug treatment and rehab program is primarily composed of three parts – detoxification, drug treatment and rehabilitation, and social reintegration.

During the detoxification phase of the 30 day rehab program, the addicting substance is flushed off the body of the individual. This paves the way for the more successful implementation of drug addiction therapies, a great portion of which are directed towards cognitive restructuring and behavior modification. Depending on the addicting substance and the extent of the withdrawal symptoms exhibited by the individual, the detoxification process can last for a few days up to several weeks. The more extensive the drug addiction, the longer the detoxification process. As such, a 30 day rehab program might not be sufficient. Perhaps a 60- or even a 90- day program will be better. A 30 day rehab program is best suited for individuals whose drug addiction problems are not yet so severe and that the detox process will last only several days.

In the rehabilitation component of the 30 day rehab program, the individual will undergo several therapies that are primarily designed to help the individual understand the nature of his drug addiction problems. He is then given the right tools on how to properly manage these occurrences on his own. He may have to face his worst fears. Nonetheless, the individual does not need to worry because therapists at the 30 day rehab program will help him discover more appropriate coping mechanisms so that, should he be presented with the same problem, he will already know what to do. The success of the rehabilitation phase of the 30 day rehab program rests on the open-mindedness of the individual and how well he accepts the notion that everything that is happening to him is something that he can effectively control.

The last part of the 30 day rehab program is equipping the individual to reintegrate into the community. Here, interpersonal relationship skills are enhanced and the individual is given access to a variety of social support groups found in his community. This ensures that he never goes into drug relapse and that he stays sober for as long as possible.

The 30 day rehab program will only be suitable for individuals who have mild to moderate drug addiction problems. For more severe addictions, a much longer therapeutic program must be used.

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