Popularity of Burlesque Soars in Australia

Burlesque Proven to Outweigh other forms of Adult Entertainment in Australia

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – 3/26/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Burlesque is a form of adult entertainment that has a long history captivating both male and female audiences. Based out of Melbourne, Stripped Entertainment, ‘is a premier agency offering a huge suite of adult entertainment services.’ Consolidating a wide array of adult entertainment services for both males and females, Stripped Entertainment has made it their mission to accommodate every possible need the people of Melbourne may have. Offering both standard services (strippers, bartenders, pole dancers, and drag) and unique entertainment (topless waiters/waitresses, acrobats, and fat-o-grams) Stripped Entertainment really has set the bar for adult entertainment services in Australia. Recent surveys and polls continue to prove that the advantages that come with a burlesque show are incomparable to traditional forms of adult entertainment for limitless reasons.

Studies show that many people find burlesque to be a more diverse and multi-dimensional form of adult entertainment than any other counterpart. Burlesque producers refuse to skimp on searching for multi-faceted performers, whether that means they specialise in sideshow, drag, vaudeville, music, spoken word poetry, or singing. If a burlesque performer is captivating, then they can be a great asset to any show. Having acts that are multi-versatile is often a show stopper with audience because no burlesque show will ever be like the other. Part of what makes burlesque shows and entertainers so unique is that they are happy to interact with the crowd. The crowd at a burlesque show is not only called upon more frequently, but they are actually an integral part of the striptease factor of burlesque. Often, the show is will have an MC who makes sure to guide both the crowd and entertainers through the routine, but so much of a burlesque show depends on crowd participation and loudness.

Originally a form of satire comedy, burlesque is meant to make a mockery of the mundaneness of everyday life. This type of comedy and drama is psychologically proven to be the highest form of entertainment one can witness because so many of a person’s senses are engaged all at once. Part of what makes the drama of a burlesque show amazing is all of the characters. Whether they are bringing to life characters from popular movies, literature, politics, or comedy, burlesque entertainers do so much more than prance around on stage half nude. Instead of being centered around a single girl on the stage, burlesque numbers will often have many extravagant group numbers that are proven to be well thought-out and choreographed. Pair this with the amazing props and costumes burlesque entertainers wear, every number is sure to please. One of the main reasons that burlesque acts work together so well is because burlesque companies are together so much, they live and act as a family. Like with any family and theatre, crazy moments can happen both on and off set, so when a crowd watches and interacts with what is happening on the stage, they will discover that burlesque truly offers a chance to engage with iconic moments that only happen during live entertainment. Whether it is a raw moment where an entertainer is in character or a mishap that makes everyone’s faces go red, burlesque has so many more moments that are memorable than any other counterpart.

Current research suggests that burlesque is so well-respected because it is a world that welcomes every type of entertainer. Burlesque knows no prejudice meaning that different shapes, weights, colours, sexual orientation, and general life style choices will never be a determining factor in the world of burlesque. In a progressive culture, this type of mantra definitely casts a certain appeal for audiences because society is moving toward a more accepting and diverse culture as time passes. Aiming to create a timeless and memorable experience, burlesque celebrates difference. Rooted in a deep history that continues to evolve over time, studies show that burlesque is the most inventive, extraordinary, and adaptive forms of entertainment ever.

Stripped Entertainment clearly understands the benefits and uniqueness that permeates the culture of burlesque, whether it be the history, diversity, multi-factitious, or the sheer entertainment factor. Selling this particular service as, ‘something a little different but a lot of fun,’ Stripped Entertainment claims that their, ‘old fashioned burlesque,’ dancers are going to dazzle any prospective guest. Recognising the conclusive surveys that prove burlesque to be the rival and most up-and-coming form of adult entertainment, Stripped Entertainment wants to inform all of Melbourne about their endless options for picking the best type of entertainment for any of their performing needs. 

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