Seattle Branding Agency Helping Retailers Establish their Brand Identity

Retail Voodoo, the acclaimed Seattle-based brand strategists who helped numerous companies develop and implement brand cohesiveness, have made their branding services available for specialty retailers nationwide. Many specialty retailers are often lost in the crowd as consumers fail to see what’s different about their brand or product, but with Retail Voodoo’s expertise in cult branding and building branded environments, retailers can benefit from a memorable and compelling branding campaign.

“Our goal is to take a brand and make sure that people see its unique difference from the rest of their competitors in their industry,” explains Chris Cobb, Senior Account Director & Brand Strategist at Retail Voodoo. “And we start by accumulating real data instead of making guesses, and we really pay attention to the prevailing trends.”

Brand identity and package design are crucial in any business, and often it is the only aspect that makes a company different in certain niches. For example, virtually all cotton T-shirts are very much the same, and there’s really not much of a difference between pairs of jeans. Usually, only the brand is different, and the brand decides which one the consumer will buy.

“To build brand identity, we start with the foundation of the company and that means creating strategies that make people who work there understand brand messaging and the unique selling proposition,” expounds Cobb. “Employees are the ultimate brand ambassadors, and it doesn’t really bode well when your employees aren’t aware of the importance of having an unique selling proposition.”

When employees are proud of their work and their brand, they will act as endorsers of the brand on their own. They can enjoin their social circles to patronize the brand, and in this day of social networking such efforts lead to greater brand awareness, resulting in increased sales.

“Then we start gathering precise data, so that we get all the details that pertain to the brand and the industry,” adds Cobb. “With actual information instead of assumptions, we can really identify the key elements of the brand to which consumers will most likely pay attention to.”

But as the name of the branding agency suggests, it’s not just about hard data. That’s only part of the story. It’s also about gut instincts that make branding as much magic as science.

“We’ve developed sharp instincts and insights because we have more than two decades’ worth of experience designing memorable customer experiences,” clarifies Cobb, of Retail Voodoo. “All these things are required so that we can actually succeed in getting into the heart and soul of a brand, and we can project that image outwards to influence consumers.”

About the Company: Retail Voodoo is a highly regarded branding agency that relies on science and experience to differentiate a brand above the rest of the pack. They are located at 3513 NE 45th St Suite 3W, Seattle, WA 98105. For more information, call (206) 285-6900 or visit the official website at Additional details are available at

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