Sandy Rueve Creates Astrology-Based, Handmade Talismans to Encourage Personal and Professional Growth

Intention Beads combine their passion for bead making and astrology to deliver unique energy-based talismans

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – MAR 28, 2016 – Chicago-based artist and founder of Intention Beads, Sandy Rueve, has been creating millefiori clay beads for more than two decades.

Rueve combines her love for bead making and her passion for astrology by creating each bead by hand during specific astrological transits. Through this astrological artistry, Rueve helps people realize their desires, prayers, and intentions.

Rueve notes that she was a newcomer to astrology at first, but after a natal chart reading from known astrologer, Barbara Schermer, she began to see the parallels in her own life and was told some interesting news. “Barbara informed me that I would be known for making talismans around the world, and this was seven years before I even knew what a talisman was,” said Rueve.

Rueve now creates talismans, just as Schermer predicted. A talisman is a personal art object often made with clay, and handmade at certain times for specific reasons to manifest intentions such as love, health, personal growth, and prosperity.

Rueve’s work brings her great joy. “It is a true blessing to act as the conduit between universal cosmic energy and each individual’s desire. Creating this bond between human and universe has allowed so many people to manifest their dreams,” said Rueve.

Intention Beads are intended to be used as talismans to help the wearers achieve their specific goals. There is no talisman of Rueve’s that has an overly generic purpose. Each hand-crafted bead is created at an exact astrological phase that directly supports the specific aim of that bracelet, necklace, etc.

Rueve adds, “For instance there is no ‘Prosperity’ bracelet. The talisman’s intention and affirmation will go into much more depth and meaning. For example, an intention can be ‘to enjoy all the gifts that show up in my life’. And an example of an affirmation for that intention can be ‘I am grounded, practical, and successful as I approach my plan, my important relationship, and my personal life’.”

In 2016, the company continues to gain national and international attention. Intention Beads has been featured at Hay House Retreats, and other self-development conferences, as well as national and global events and workshops. The company has worked with clients ranging from athletes to senators to entrepreneurs. Their client success stories range from healthy pregnancies to published books. Rueve reminds clients that the talisman isn’t just jewelry; each piece serves a higher purpose in the life of each client.

Mona N. from Raleigh, NC recently sent a raving letter to Rueve, “Just had to affirm the amazing work you do. Two days after you made them, a professor asked me to do a consulting job in China with him. Had a chunk of money suddenly appear just in time for me to get a new car when other car said so long last week. Tons of clear visions and understanding about my role in initiating educational reform globally—new opportunities now to become a reality.”

Intention Beads also hosts live events and virtual workshops. At the company’s website, visitors can learn more about talismans, astrology, intentions, and affirmations.

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Intention Beads creates bracelets, necklaces, and malas with a variety of intentions that encourage inner peace, fertility, love, health, prosperity, and more. 

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