ZVE launches the multifunctional iPhone 6 cover with cigarette lighter and bottle opener

iPhone 6 users want to make sure their phones are protected from drops and falls, which can become the bane of their existence. That’s the reason they look for sturdy covers, which will keep their phones safe and secure at all times.

This case has been specially designed to be completely sturdy and fits firmly around an iPhone 6. Moreover it promises to offer one’s phone protection from impact, scratches, bumps and accidental drops. Thus users get complete protection from dust, drops and shocks as well.

Get it from amazon: goo.gl/rGNKpU

While the iPhone 6 case is high on functionality, it is also stylish and ticks all the boxes for discerning users. It is lightweight and sleek, which is just what users want from their phone covers. The highlight of the design element of this phone cover is its trendy texture that definitely has the wow factor. The cover is also available in cool black, which is smart and doesn’t look grubby after frequent use.

Get it from amazon :goo.gl/rGNKpU

However what makes this iPhone 6 cover stand out is the multiple tasks one can use it for. Besides being a sturdy and smart case for the phone it has three other gadgets that have a lot of applications for today’s users. For example, the camera holder option makes perfect sense for photographers on the go who want to enhance the quality of their pictures by using a tripod stand wherever they might be.

And when it’s fun time and users want to open a beer bottle or any other of their favourite beverage, they can make the most out of fact that it is also a Bottle Opener Case. Users will also be pleased to find that this phone case doubles up as a no flame cigarette lighter, which is handy for all those times when one is stranded without a lighter. Thus a smart addition to one’s phone can handle several tasks for users today. 

About ZVE Multifunctional iPhone 6 Cover

It is a phone cover from the company renowned for its innovative and affordable products, and doubles up as a cigarette lighter, bottle opener and camera tripod stand. 

Get it from amazon: goo.gl/rGNKpU

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