Film Funding LA Sponsors Event: 9 Swift/Cheap Merchandising & Monetization Partners to Maximize Film Profits

On April 9 in Santa Monica, will sponsor “9 Swift/Cheap Merchandising & Monetization Partners to Maximize Film Profits”, a fact-filled lecture designed to help independent filmmakers earn more from their work. For full details, and to attend this event visit

FilmFundingLA will sponsor “9 Swift/Cheap Merchandising & Monetization Partners to Maximize Film Profits” on April 9. This lecture by writer/producer Nancy Fulton is designed to help independent media creators earn more, sooner, from their films.

Nancy Fulton says, “It has never been easier or cheaper to create products based on an idea, image, character, film or documentary.  This event covers nine companies filmmakers can work with to swiftly create products and sell them to customers. In some cases it takes under 24 hours to create a sellable product through these partners and as a rule there are no upfront costs. These products can be released before, during, and after production, and they represent a practical, no-hassle, way for most independent media pros to earn a lot more from their work.”

Michael Praver, founder of JW Harding a financial services company since 2008, launched in 2015.  He says, “Successful filmmakers understand that the intellectual property they acquire to make their films can be exploited in a wide variety of ways. Screenplays and documentaries can become books. Character sketches and environment designs can find themselves on calendars and coffee cups. Behind the scenes media can be used to create compelling apps. What’s more, these products can cross promote one another. Our objective in sponsoring this exceptional event is to help new filmmakers learn how easy it is to earn more from every movie they make.”

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Michael Praver, CEO of JW Harding, a Financial Services Company since 2008, founded in 2015 specifically to provide business finance to the film industry. They offer $50K-$250K development funding to media makers in Los Angeles and across the United States.

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