Human Minds Will be Uploaded to Computers, Says Author of New Book

St. Louis, Missouri – 28th March, 2016 – What price would you pay to live forever? Futurist and Science-Fiction Author Xander Gray envisions a future where human beings can transfer their consciousness into computers, extending life indefinitely. Don’t want to live inside a computer? No problem! Advances in robotics will lead to plug-and-play cybernetic bodies.

“Some people think mind-upload sounds like a great deal,” quips Xander, “But how will we know our consciousness hasn’t been replaced by a digital copy? How will we keep from losing our humanity? This tech will force society to face profound ethical questions.”

Mind-upload is one of the fascinating futurist topics explored in Xander’s new science-fiction novel, Prison of Souls. Published by Quantology, the book has already received rave reviews and is available in both Kindle & paperback editions.

“Prison of Souls is a mystery at heart,” says Xander. “Fans of mind-bending puzzlers like Total Recall, Wayward Pines, or The X-files will love it.”

But don’t take Xander’s word for it.

“This is one of those books where you want to grab readers by the shoulders and say, ‘You MUST read this!’ I loved everything about Prison of Souls, especially the parts that made my brain hurt from being stretched. Gray fills the book with stone cold science that’s subtly educating and a delight to read.” –Laura L Stapleton, Author of Undeniable.

“Prison of Souls received top rankings in all the categories I use to review books. Gray writes very well: his prose flows naturally, and his skill in describing everyday scenes, and contrasting them with the unreality of what is happening to the protagonist adds to the sense that what is real in this book is fractured and fluid, not conforming to commonly accepted versions of reality, like the particle/wave duality of light.” –Marian Thorpe, Book Blogger.

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