Author Janee’ Butterfield Releases Her New Suspense Thriller – Caught In Cryptic

Presenting a treat to read for the suspense thriller genre lovers, author Janee Butterfield has launched her new book “Caught In Cryptic”. The self published suspense thriller is being lauded for the tight plot, gluing suspense and engaging writing style.

Author Janee’ Butterfield has come up with a treat for the suspense thriller fiction lovers as she launched her new book – Caught in Cryptic. The book has been self published and getting rave reviews from readers all over. It is considered very difficult to write in this genre as not everyone can  hold its suspense to keep readers glued to the book, but the feedback Janee’ is getting for her book suggests that she has been able to do that successfully.

The plot: FBI Criminal Profiler, Clara Van Dorn, is investigating a years old kidnapping case where with each new clue she finds herself getting more involved than she wished for. She faces the task of bringing down the masterminds of the psychological maze called Cryptic. Now she is fighting against the time and for her and others’ lives. Will she be successful or succumb to the cryptic? How will she be able to fight something which seems beyond reach and understanding? Questions are many and answers are with the book only.

Reportedly, the book has been written in a seamless manner as words seem to fit exactly like a piece in a puzzle. While the storyline is compelling, the detailed work done on each and every character brings the best out of them. As the protagonist fights against the mysterious masterminds of the Cryptic, her tussle with herself, the time and the situations makes the reader feel like being present in the book and fighting alongside Clara.

Fiction thrillers are Janee’s favorite niche as a writer and she has done a complete justice to it in her new book. Reportedly, she has created a perfect amount of suspense, fear, panic and all such emotions in her story to make it a fitting thriller novel to read.

Janee’ Butterfield, who lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two daughters, is an avid reader. “Caught In Cryptic” is her debut novel. Passionate about writing extremely frightening and unforgettable fictions, it seems as she has worked like a seasoned writer as the readers are giving her warm feedbacks on her first book.

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