Renown Herbalist Dr. Merry Li Presents Esteemed Treatments for Psoriasis

28 Mar, 2016 – Gone are the days when Psoriasis was misunderstood with leprosy in religious interpretations as a punishment for slander owing to its etymology rooted in the Greek word psora that coincided with itchy and scaly skin until its differentiation in the 18th century.

To incur epidermal injuries with psoriasis is like adding insult to injury but the breath of fresh air with this medical condition is the fact that it does not affect conception. Psoriatic arthritis is a condition which is not unheard of but it is definite that psoriasis has a tendency to exacerbate with painful inflammation of joints reflecting in changes to finger and toenails.

Epidermal diagnosis based on its appearance characterizes psoriasis type. Red, scaly and itchy lesions that develop flaky white patches affecting a given surface area determines the severity apart from it compounding with other medical issues to become complex.

To have a skin free of blemish is everyone’s right. Dr. Merry Li is a firm believer of the fact which is the reason why she has infused years of research to design a lasting herbal treatment for the condition with her patients testifying to the fact reflecting the area of specialization.

The two fold treatment to bring relief and cure to the condition is a combination of 13 Chinese herbs together to create the Psoriaid Tablet and the Psoriaid Cream. The agents within the two are aimed to improve the quality of skin but also the quality of life. In all walks of life, guided medical supervision improves expectations of what it has to offer.

Dr. Li Said, “One of the greatest strengths of herbal medication is that it is free of side effects of all sorts and uses the essence of plants that pharmaceutical medicine does too, only but compounded with minerals and animal derivatives. Broadly, three kinds of plant medicines are within the 13 herbs that are used within the Psoriaid Tablet and Cream, the superior kind, tonics and boosters, and disease specific substances to be taken in small doses.”

She added, “Truth is, that plant medicine practice involving Chinese herbs dates as far back as the 1st Century that identified distinctive and clinically useful patterns targeting therapy. Traded through the Silk Road, the use of Chinese plant medicines have been popular in the west during the Medieval Age. Over a 100,000 medical recipes combine 13,000 herbs together, tailor made to suit an individual’s health requirements.”

Likewise, Psoriasis treatment offered at the Merry Clinic has stages that balance an overall life cycle to bring relief. Online consultation is brought about should you choose to visit our website where a messaging system ensures swift response to your query.

Healing from the inside, taking regularly Psoriaid tablets to expel toxins, care from the outside, applying Psoriaid cream, restricting diet to given guidelines along with management of stress and maintenance of skin health. Treatment packages offered in form of weekly medications are only a call away at 1-888-880-1499 (within USA, CA) or 1-650-588-8335. The motive is to let you discover a new you overcoming Psoriasis the herbal way.



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