Airwheel presented Z5 razor electric scooter for adults at CeBIT 2016

Spring heralds a season of hope and vitality and people often go to the suburbs for an outing in spring. Riding Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooter Z5 to any place is a wonderful choice because of its flexibility, charging efficiency and safety concerns.

In spring, the earth comes to life and is decorated with various colors. People can see brilliant flowers such as winter jasmine, cole flower, tulip, lavender and peony everywhere. The weather is usually agreeable with fresh and soft breeze touching the cheek and hair. Therefore, it is the best time for an outing in spring to enjoy the nature. Airwheel electric standing scooter Z5 is a suitable choice for anyone who wants to hang out in spring.

Airwheel electric standing scooter Z5

Olivia is a high school student and likes outdoor activities very much. She is planning a weekend outing with her friends to relax and refresh herself. Olivia visited the CeBIT exhibition expo in Germany in March, 2016 and was impressed by a new commuting product designed and produced by Airwheel company. It is Airwheel Z5, a foldable electric scooter for adults, which attracted great attention of the visitors. Olivia wants to buy one since it has appealing features.

First, with its humanized triple-fordable design and only 14.5kg weight, Airwheel Z5 fast electric scooter makes daily transportation much convenient and comfortable. It can be easily taken into the elevator, subway, and bus or stored in the trunk so Olivia can bring it with her to any places she wants and it saves much time.

foldable electric scooter

Second, it has high efficiency in battery charging. With the flexible modular design, the battery of electric scooter Z5 can be pulled out or replaced easily. Also, it has a high-efficiency USB power supply interface which can charge the intelligent devices such as phone, iPad and camera, etc, which wipes out the worries of powering off and gives the rider a sense of security.

Third, Airwheel electric scooter for adults Z5 is equipped with a specially-designed front light for night riding and a brake light to warn others. Therefore, it helps to guarantee the safety of the rider. Attracted by Airwheel Z5’s fantastic and practical functions, Olivia finally made a decision to buy one for her outing.

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