High Demand Left Rejuvlix Anti-Aging Cream Twice On Back Order 2016

Skin Research Institute’s popular anti-aging cream Rejuvlix is currently experiencing a high-demand in the market. Manufacturer Skin Research Institute informs that the company has had to place it on back order twice this year, once in January and in March. Currently, as of March 29, Rejuvelix is back in stock.

Skin Research Institute is pleased to reveal that the company’s advanced anti-aging formulation Rejuvlix has now emerged as a preferred choice for women and men looking to get rid of their wrinkles, dark spots, tighten their skin and other symptoms of aging. The company also laments the fact that the product has frequently gone out of stock because of its high demand. Very recently, Rejuvlix went out of stock for almost three weeks in March. However, Skin Research Institute has now announced the replenishment of the product.

Within a relatively short lifespan in the market, Rejuvlix has already proven its efficiency in wrinkle removal, dark spot elimination/reduction, skin tightening and skin repairing. Unlike many other products available in the market, Rejuvlix has been created utilizing active ingredients that are clinically proven to alleviate the signs of aging.  

One of the key ingredients of Rejuvlix is Gatuline In-Tense, a natural ingredient that is found in the flowers of Acmella. Multiple clinical studies have proven Gatuline In-Tense to be capable of reducing skin wrinkles and sagging. Trylagen, another high-quality natural ingredient present in the product, resists the formation of wrinkles by improving collagen production and organization. The third useful ingredient present in Rejuvelix is Glucare S, and is derived from yeast. This component supports the natural process of skin repairing, and can be useful particularly for  sensitive, aging, and sun-damaged skin.

Powered by these top quality ingredients, Rejuvlix has received encouraging response from most of the users. A recent user mentions in her experience, “Out of the dozens of wrinkle creams that I have tried this one is the only one I’ve come back to for more… I’m on my third pump… I use it day and night and I feel it’s been working really well. I am in my mid 50’s and have struggled to tame my lines and wrinkles for a long time. The lines and wrinkles have disappeared and the crow’s feet are gone too. I love to smile knowing there are no wrinkles showing now.”

Discussing the company’s plan to handle the high-demand for Rejuvelix, a senior official from Skin Research Institute stated, “Many interested buyers have informed us that they have failed to purchase Rejuvlix because of its high demand. We are happy to inform that the product is now back in stock after a gap of three weeks. The company is also considering taking measures to avoid such situations in the future.” He also indicated the reason for delay in production is soley based on the development of ingredients, they do not sit on a shellf to be combined into a formula, rather each ingredient is made fresh every time.

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About Rejuvenix:

Rejuvenix is an anti-aging product from Skin Research Institute that has been manufactured utilizing the findings of the latest research. This product has already helped many users look younger by eliminating the common symptoms of aging.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, or nutritional supplement.

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