Repaired, Refurbished Jewelry Becoming More Popular

The decision for many Americans to choose jewelry repair or refurbishing over buying new isn’t always about saving money. In fact, many jewelry enthusiasts see it as a sustainable alternative to buying new, especially when diamonds are involved.

Lisa Garber with Galicia Fine Jewelers in Scottsdale says unused or inherited jewelry has a huge amount of potential, even though it might be easy to overlook. She recommends consulting with a professional fine jewelry designer to talk about what options might be available.

Many people who choose to have jewelry refurbished are thoughtful about the jewelry they already own and the importance of maintaining that investment or inheritance.

Galicia specializes in jewelry repair and redesign. Residents in the Scottsdale, Arizona area trust the shop to perform straightforward or complex work on their prized fine jewelry.

Bring Your Piece to a Store That Does Jewelry Repair in Scottsdale and Redesign

The first thing you’ll want to do is bring the jewelry into the store a jewelry design expert can take a close look at the gemstones, setting and other materials to get a good idea of what will work well to complement the existing elements.

Older diamonds may have a different style of cut and will need to be matched properly with any stones added to the redesigned fine jewelry. If the diamond jewelry that is decades old, it is likely to have a single cut diamond. Older diamonds have far fewer facets than modern varieties.

Collaboration and Design or Repair

After inspecting the jewelry, the designer will be able to offer more ideas and recommendations, and collaborate about the customer’s style and what that person is trying to achieve. When it comes to jewelry repair, the artist will work to bring the piece of jewelry back to its original beauty with little or no evidence that the jewelry needed repair.

About Galicia

Galicia Fine Jewelers offers great pricing on high quality, custom jewelry repair and refurbishing. Visit the Scottsdale store today or call 480-421-9688 to speak with one of Galicia’s diamond experts. Galicia also has a stunning collection of new, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry. 

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