Trailblazer Hon.Pauline Truong Crowned Millennium Global Woman of Honor

Hon. Pauline Truong ( is awarded the Millennium Global Woman of Honor! This award for trailblazers does not come as a surprise, given Pauline’s track record of accolades and awards. A UCLA Law School Alumna, she is also featured in an Exhibition on Trailblazing Women and the Law, in a book on Career Makeover & How to Reinvent Your Success Abroad and media globally. A sought-after speaker and confidant, Pauline is an advisor to well known organizations and public figures. We are very fortunate to have Pauline provide some global business insights and share her amazing story.

Media (M): How has your experience as a refugee helped you become a trailblazer?

Pauline (P): After the Vietnam War, my family risked our lives in search of a brighter future. The boat trip from Vietnam to Malaysia was filled with uncertainty and hope. After a short period at the refugee camps in Malaysia, we were blessed to receive refugee status in Australia and expanded internationally thereafter. We had to leave a very comfortable lifestyle and start again in our new homeland with very little knowledge and assistance. 

At Law School, my colleagues had parents, families and contacts who were well-established in the law, business, government, leadership etc. As a refugee, I always  had to work smart, work hard, be creative and be adaptable in many ways. There does not seem to be a special formula to become a trailblazer, per the theme in Kung Fu Panda: ‘The secret is, there is no secret ingredient.’ We just have to be ourselves, believe in ourselves, seek inspiration, learn and transform along the way. Anybody can do it, if they so desire.  There are many definitions of ‘success’ and there is no right or wrong way to be successful. If there are challenges, thrive in adversity and you’ll be amazed with the results! 

M: What is a GlobePreneur? What does your work entail?

P: A GlobePreneur is a global entrepreneur. As globepreneur and traveler who enjoys life to the fullest, I try to make a difference to the global community whilst having an adventurous life combining international business law, innovation, investments, entrepreneurship, social justice, humanitarian work etc. as the Founder and C.E.O. of Ascendo International Group ( and a stake-holder in a conglomerate of global companies, entrepreneur, investor and innovator, I am progressing towards some interesting global innovations. My passion is to also further develop (, ). It is a global platform endorsed by celebrities, that empower and celebrate global entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds in a ‘different’ way. 

M: What are your 5 tips for establishing a business with a great lifestyle?

P: Like many law graduates, I started out practicing law, working hard and doing ‘crazy’ hours. Then I realized that life is short, so I designed businesses that enabled me to have an amazing, global lifestyle, adventure and quality of life. My family were successful entrepreneurs, so I felt it was more important to create special moments and experiences in life, rather than just focusing on tangibles. My suggestions for establishing a business with a great lifestyle include:

1. Create clear goals: I found my passion whilst traveling the globe, and learned to combine those interests and passions.

2. Have a great team: My ideal, reliable team is multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-skilled etc., based in multi-cities.

3. Design an ideal business around the desired lifestyle: Having the right people in the right places enables me to have a great lifestyle.

4. Prioritize: We have many ideas and projects in progress/incubating around the world. We have to prioritize on many different levels.

5. Be curious and creative: I enjoy exploring new territories in almost all aspects of life. This enables me to learn and transform daily. 

M: How did you go from refugee to being with Oscar winners, stars and public figures?

PT: My work at the international law firms and my own businesses enabled me to cross paths with many Oscar winners and stars like Brian Grazer, Eddie Redmayne, Kevin Costner, Julianne Moore, Octavia Spencer, Felicity Jones, George Takei and other celebrities. It was also exciting being with the Australian Prime Minister, US, Asian and other global leaders. We maintain confidentiality in our work, hence privacy and trust is of utmost importance.

M: What is your advice to help people overcome obstacles and challenges?

P: We all have different challenges and it is good to acknowledge them, but keep creating special moments and experiences, enjoy life, and move forward, even if it in small increments. To implement change, my suggestion is to compete with yourself, create a better you every day and experience the paradigm shift. We all have different gifts. Master yourself, keep generating new ideas and solutions, learn, transform and enjoy each moment. Focus on your goals and outcomes. If you are comfortable with yourself and achievements, you will be too busy to be sidetracked. 

M: What is your advice to young entrepreneurs who may want to follow your trailblazing path?

P: My advice to young entrepreneurs is to dream big, be global and create your own destiny. Follow your passions, dreams and instincts. Create solutions, work smart, be compassionate, think long term and maintain a good sense of humor, as a software engineer stated: ‘It’s refreshing when loveliness is accompanied by humor, modesty & wit!’

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