Revolutionary IMMray PanCan-D Test Assures 98% Accuracy in Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Lund, Sweden: Immunovia AB has created the IMMray biometric testing-platform that takes a fingerprint of a patient’s immune response from a single drop of blood to test for diseases such as cancers or autoimmune diseases with an expected accuracy of more than 95 %.

The first tests based on this platform is the IMMray PanCan-D test for early detection of pancreatic cancer, that with 96% accuracy will detect early stage pancreas cancer and the IMMray SLE tests to detect and monitor systemic lupus erythematosus – a complex, hard-to-detect autoimmune disease.

Pancreas cancer, ”the silent killer”, 4th cancer in mortality, is predicted to become 2nd by 2020. It has a 5 year survival rate of 5 % and claims 110.000 lives in the US and Europe alone. It is notorious for being undetectable in its early stages, and thus almost always fatal.

”The largest improvement in cancer care today would be if we could detect the disease earlier, because then treatment could be handled with the technology of today and survival rates improve significally”, says Mats Grahn, CEO at Immunovia AB. ”If we could detect pancreatic cancer, say 6-12 months earlier, over 50 % of the patients could be saved instead of 3-5 %”

And the PanCan-D test is proven to do just that, accurately measuring both the immunoregulatory proteins and the cancer associated antigens from a single drop of blood. Next in the pipeline for Immunovia AB are tests for breast, prostate and ovarian cancer.

SLE or systemic lupus erythematosus is a severe chronic autoimmune disease often labeled ”the invisible disease” requiring up to 11 different tests over many years to diagnose. The IMMray SLE test will revolutionize that. With correct medical care, these patients are able to function normally. There are about five million people living with SLE in the world today, with 100.000 new cases discovered each year. Besides diagnosing SLE people living with the disease need to be tested four times a year to predict flares.

”Over the years we’ve done 16, 17 clinical trials, tested thousands of patients, developed the platform to the state it is today, where Immunovia is now commercializing it”, says Professor Carl Borrebaeck, co-inventor of the platform and co-founder of Immunovia AB.

Immunovia AB was founded in 2007 by investigators from the Department of Immunotechnology at Lund University and CREATE Health, the Center for Translational Cancer Research in Lund, Sweden. Immunovia AB is currently collaborating with (OHSU) Knight Cancer Institute and Mount Sinai Health System in the US and (NIHR) Pancreatic Biomedical Research Unit in the UK. Immunovia’s shares (IMMNOV) are listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm. For more information about Immunovia, please visit

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