New action-adventure based two player game ‘Don’t Stop’ launches on Indiegogo

Don’t Stop is the newmobile game by Logic simplified that is launchedon crowd funding platform Indiegogo with a goal of raising $10,000. The amount raised from the campaign will be used in developed and marketing of the game.

Don’t stop is an adventure, action and strategy game that can be played by a single or double player. The game is based upon the popular theme of a character running through fields, collecting points while facing several obstacles. The player will have the option to play as a ‘runner’ against CPU or play against a friend who’ll be the ‘blocker’.

The objective of the runner will be to run as fast as they can using power ups and boosters to enhance their performance while the blocker will try to slow down the runner using their own unique power-ups. The powers given to the blocker could be bringing a tsunami that would make the runner lose the game, starting an earthquake that will halt the progress of the runner for a while and create more obstacles among others.The blocker can also use a banana peel or coconut bazooka to slow down the racer.

A timer will be used for players to against the CPU or the live players to beat the best score before the time runs out. Both the players will have the power-ups and abilities to beat each other in the game. There is also an option within the game to challenge a live player to go against the user on a timed game. The user can choose from the role of being a racer or the blocker.The in-game character name is Billy and the background features exotic beaches and pleasant graphics.

The success of the Indiegogo campaign will allow the developers to launch this game successfully and make it reach to a vast audience. The funds raised from the campaign will be used to develop the game until its targeted date while the backers can also earn several rewards.

The backers can earn 40,000 in-game credits by donating $35 or more in the campaign. By pledging for $180 or more, the backers can earn their name and photo on the final video of the game. They’ll also become a part of the game testing community before the launch date and also get freebies after the game launch.The user also has an option to create their own character in the game by pledging for $400 through the Indiegogo campaign.

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