The wi-fi enabled ‘WiCam’ surpasses it fundraising goal on Kickstarter

WiCam or the coin cam is a wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled security camera that can be installed anywhere due to its compact size. The revolutionary device, launched on Kickstarter has raised a funding of almost double its goal of $40,000. Backers across the world have shown great support for the device and pre-ordered the product through Kickstarter.

WiCam is a security camera designed to enhance safety and security of people. With increasing cases of robbery, bikers getting hit by a car behind them and others the developers of this innovative product decided to launch a device that is compact enough to be installed almost everywhere and proves effective too.

The first prototype of WiCam was demonstrated to the public at Maker Faire New York in September 2015 which left people amazed by this technology. Some people stated that they wish to use this camera in their drones and bodyguards, who mentioned that they can now use a wearable surveillance device. After working on this project for several months, the makers finally launched the product commercially for the public, on Kickstarter and since then the people are going gaga over it.

The wireless coin sized camera uses very less power compared to the traditional security cameras so that the battery lasts longer. It can be carried in the pocket and taken along while travelling, placed across the handle of the bike, while cycling, inside or outside the house to keep an eye on the surrounding areas.

WiCam consumers only 5% of the power used by regular cameras making it power and cost effective. With a 120-degree wide angle lens, it provides the user a clear and wider view of the area. It can be used to catch the scene behind the user and display it on their smartphone.

The success of the Kickstarter can be credited the remarkable design of the WiCam, that is here to revolutionize the world of security cameras. The wire free installation increases the functionality of the WiCam and enhances the scope of security. With the help of a smartphone, WiCam can be connected anywhere and the user can be assured of their security whether it is while driving, cycling, staying at home or other activities.

The Kickstarter campaign has few more days to go and the backers still have a chance to support the campaign and pre-order WiCam for themselves at an early bird price. A number of rewards are already gone due to the huge response yet the campaign still has a lot more to offer. More information about the campaign and rewards can be found on

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