Stainless steel BEKOS Precision Tweezers Set launched on Amazon!

In February, BEKOS Company launched on Amazon store its brand-new product BEKOS Precision Tweezers Set. The set is consisting of one stainless steel tweezers slant, one stainless steel pointed tweezers all in stylish rexine case. The starting price for product is 19.99 USD.

30 Mar, 2016 – Tweezers in BEKOS Precision Tweezes Set are made of the highest quality Japanese J2 stainless steel. Martine Sobek, one of the founders of BEKOS Company is stating: “Stainless steel tweezers made of Japanese J2 steel are the best choice for cosmetic tweezers. The steel is durable and tough. These characteristics of steel are very important to make high-quality stainless steel tweezeres.” Not only the highest quality of J2 steel was used for the tweezers, but also the luxury golden color is made by the most effective technology, Titanium nitride coating. “The titanium nitride coating technology is the best, what you can use for the coloring of any stainless steel cosmetic products. The main advantage of this technology is the fact, that color is embedded directly into the steel, so it never fades,” add Syed Salman Abbas, CEO of company The Surgicals, which manufactures these unique tweezers.

Not only the material, even the functionality was very important part off inventing the tweezers. The BEKOS tweezers were tested by professional beauticians on more than one hundred people. According to Martine Sobek, this is why the tweezers offers flawless grip and excellent precision. She also said that tweezers are perfect for hard hair and very useful for men too.

The last part of the set, but still very important is rexine case. Rexine material is kind of artificial leather, but with higher durability than any ordinary artificial leathers. BEKOS has decided to use this material, instead of the leather, because in the idea of company is to keep animals safe and preserve nature. “We could use leather case, but there was no reason to do it. The purpose of the case is to cover the tweezers and makes them easy to carry wherever you want; therefore, the rexine material is perfect match, moreover it keeps animals safe,” said Martine Sobek.

BEKOS Precision Tweezers Set is not the last product of BEKOS. In the future, this company is plans to create more products, which will focus on the stainless steel cosmetic products.

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