Airwheel C3, The Good News For Courier

With the development of online shopping, the express industry is increasingly prosperous nowadays, so the couriers are very busy, which has brought serious safety problems for them since they often get calls on the way riding. Considering such a phenomenon, Airwheel produces a new model, Airwheel C3 to enhance riding safety.

Unlike other models, Airwheel C3 actually is an intelligent helmet which is multifunctional. It can communicate, take photos and video and record data. The courier can wear the smart helmet which can protect the eyes and head greatly. This can guarantee the individual safety of couriers.

Some couriers do not like the design, thinking the helmet is inconvenient and useless. The fact is that Airwheel C3 is a multifunctional helmet. The helmet can connect the cell phone via blue tooth, which enables riders to get the call automatically during the process of riding. Couriers do not need to hold the handle by a single hand which is quite dangerous and likely to cause accidents any more. What they need to do is get through the call, then they can still hold the handle by hands as normal and talk with others through the smart helmet. This can enhance the safety not only for the courier, but for people riding around them.

What attracts the courier is the function of taking photo and video, since the courier has to deliver goods to the consignee and ask them for the receipt to ensure that the right person receives the correct goods. However, sometimes there are still complaints or suggestions that they have not received the goods. The video can be the evidence to prove that the consignee does receive the goods. The function of taking photo and video can help the courier avoid being involved in trouble and complaints. Wearing the best motorcycle helmet to protect the couriers themselves and avoiding complaints and troubles are the best of both worlds.

Finally, the helmet can protect the courier away from dust, rocks and flying insects, which may lead to sudden accidents since riders will close their eyes once the dust or insects gets into their eyes. Equipped with goggles, the cool street bike helmet can protect the eyes of the courier effectively.

Couriers should not hesitate any more. Just wear Airwheel C3 to protect yourself.

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