MullerMoo Formula Adopted Dry Blending Technology for Complying with Baby Food Storage Regulations

MullerMoo, an Eoupean blance of baby toddler milk , recently shared the differences between wet blending and dry blending, hardly anyone talks publicly about the manufacturing process they follow. MullerMoo stood an exception.


Introduction of common production methods

Currently there are two production methods commonly used for infant formula:

Wet Blending (Spray drying):

After the freshly gained milk is cleaned, homogenised and sterilised, it is enriched with several important nutrients and is afterwards concentrated by passing through an evaporator. (Up until this last step, we are dealing with fresh liquid milk, which is labeled as whole milk or skimmed milk in the ingredients list.) Only now, the milk is pumped into the spray dryer through a high pressure pump, where the water evaporates and the dry powder comes out. The finished powder is filled into cans which are seamed right after. The entire process, starting with milking the cow until the packaging of the finished powder does not exceed 24 hours.

Dry Blending:

The fresh milk is made into milk powder and packed into large bags by the supplier. The first step in producing infant formula is to mix this milk powder with the nutrients. Second step is packaging.

Common practice is to purchase the dehydrated milk powder (often marked as whole milk powder or skimmed milk powder in the ingredients list) from the supplier and store it until an order is placed. Only then the milk powder is processed a second time and made into infant formula by adding the necessary nutrients. “Therefore from the time when the actual fresh milk has been produced until the best before date of the infant formula, three entire years might have passed,” said the facebook post.

About the Company

MullerMoo is a toddler milk brand from London, UK with production being done in Kendal, UK.




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