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(Los Angeles, CA, April 01, 2016) – Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive feature story about BioClinica, a company bringing clarity to clinical trials.

During the feature, Kathy Ireland interviewed President and CEO of BioClinica, John W. Hubbard Ph.D, FCP., and President of eHealth Solutions – BioClinica, Mukhtar Ahmed.

Hubbard discussed some of the challenges that companies face when conducting clinical trials. He said, “Clinical trials are extremely complex and now they are multinational so this creates even more complexity in the process. There are logistical challenges (such as) which sites you activate (in) which countries, how you have supplies and drugs enter the country, regulatory requirements, along with how you actually recruit patients into the trial. Then collecting all the data and get sent to the FDA. The number of areas that require project management oversight and technology to allow these trials to be conducted efficiently and effectively (is large).”

Ahmed commented on how BioClinica successfully navigate through all of these complex waters. He said, “We provide innovative technologies that are accompanied by expert industry domain services. We help our customers to achieve their scientific and business and objectives. Our customers fall broadly into two categories: commercial, such as biopharmaceutical organizations, and end user organizations. That is where we focus our research communities.”

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Vice President of Programming, JL Haber was quoted stating, “Conducting research is extremely important to continue improving as a society. BioClinica is simplifying the process for many companies who may find it difficult to manage.”

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