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Los Angeles, CA – April 01, 2016 — Cin7, a company helping retailers keep pace through innovative online and offline solutions, is a featured company segment on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.

During the segment, Kathy Ireland interviewed Danny Ing, Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Cin7.

Danny Ing began the segment by discussing the main forces causing a change in the retail market and what that means for existing retailers. He states, “The first force is ecommerce that has skyrocketed over the past decade. However, the stores still remain. I think that people still really like the experience of still going to a store. The next force that we see coming that we believe will blow away the retail spaces is using mobile and social media. Everyone has a mobile phone and everyone is on social media.”

He then spoke about how Cin7 addresses these demands by saying, “When we started, we were an ecommerce company and we saw that ecommerce was going to change retail. So we thought about what happens behind the scenes in retail. Retailers not only have to manage their stores, they also have to manage their fulfillment. We wanted to give these retailers one piece of software to manage all of the interactions with the customer. That is what we do: strive to be the number one platform for the Omni-Channel retailer.”

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The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, was quoted stating, “Having a platform to keep all of the aspects of the business organised and managed is important. Cin7 provides this to their retailer customers in an innovative way.”

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