One of the world’s leading antique car restoration artists show their extraordinary ability in USA

04 Apr, 2016 – Thiago Pons Casal de Rey is a vintage automobile restoration artist from Brazil. His work involves the application of creativity, technical skill and imagination, to change old and decaying motor vehicles to their original pristine condition.

Since the invention of the motor vehicle, it has been a reflection of the cultural zeitgeist evidencing the best of popular design concepts and innovation at the period of manufacture. Cars are an aesthetically pleasing visual representation of functional design. Restored vehicles are works of art that evoke emotion and connection with a historical and cultural past.

“Restoration of vintage cars is the process of repairing the degraded aspects of the vehicle to return it to an overall ‘authentic’ condition. Restorations must be historically accurate as a representative example of the production model. For example, the guidelines of the Antique Automobile Club of Americas (AACA) are to evaluate an antique vehicle, which has been restored to the same state as the dealer could have prepared the vehicle for delivery to the customer.”

The restoration of antique cars requires attention to every minute detail. All mechanical parts must be replaced with original parts. All paint , upholstery and plating must be painstakingly restored with careful precision. Unless original, modifications are not allowed, and components must be suitable for the year and model of the automobile. Even the components or features fitted to automobiles of the same type, but in a different production year or trim level, are not allowed. Restored vehicles are valued by collectors internationally and are often on display in automobile shows and competitions.

Mr. Casal de Rey is one of the world´s leading antique car restoration artists. His work is recognized as being at the highest level of skill and accuracy in this highly demanding field of endeavor. He has achieved distinction within his industry and is prominent and well-know in the field of the automobile restoration. His work has won numerous awards in competitions. His professional opinion is regularly sought after by investors and collectors in evaluating and purchasing classic and vintage vehicles. His work has been featured on major television programs relating to car restoration. He is requested to serve as judge of the work of others cars shows and competitions.

In 2010, Mr Casal de Rey was selected to serve as an expert consultant for the a documentary film produced and directed by Adam Wilkenfeld, a three-time Emmy Award-winning producer, director, interviewer and writer. “Because of his tireless work and technical expertise with cars, we were able to film the whole documentary without losing a single day of production,” Mr. Wilkenfeld said. In addition to the documentary film, a full color book was published on the project. The book includes photographs of the car restored by Mr. Casal de Rey.

The documentary covered the history and significance of the Road as one of the most legendary routes in the world. The creative presentation of the documentary was to show the road as it was in its heyday, the 1960s, by driving a classic 1960 Corvette over the entire Route 66 route.

Because of his expertise as a car restoration artist, Mr Casal de Rey, was selected to be a technical consultant to ensure authenticity. He was required to research the history of the roadway, select iconic classic vehicle that best represented the era and would appeal to viewers, restore the vehicle to historic authenticity, and keep the vehicle maintained and functioning for the entire filming.

As one of the world´s best car restoration artists, Mr Casal de Rey has played a key role for the 1000 Miles of Brazil as he provides services for car owners to meet the standards required for participation in the event In fact, the cars that Mr Rey has restored won first place position in their category for 2011,2012 and 2013.

The 1000 Miles of Brazil is an internationally known annual event that features classic cars in a race of endurance. The event is affiliated with and operated under the rules of Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA), the worldwide organization dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles and related culture.

The prestige and reputation of the 1000 Miles event depends upon the quality and authenticity of the vehicles participating. “Nowadays in Brazil, the professionals and specialists qualified in this area, such Thiago, are rare and few,” said a famous journalist Marcello Santanna.

Mr. Casal de Rey has been featured as an expert in car restoration on television programs with major distribution on major networks as Chrome Underground – Television Program, Discovery Channel and Auto Mais – Television Program, BandSports Brazil.

Car Shows are the main venue for classic and vintage car owners and enthusiasts to network and celebrate their passion for the field. The highlight of these shows is the judging of the vehicles by esteemed judges who are experts in evaluating the condition, authenticity and quality of authenticity of the cars. As a result, the fair and educated judging of the competition is crtitical for the reputation of the organization sponsoring the event and respect it receives not only among the competitors but the international vintage and classic car community worldwide. Great care is taken by the organization in the selection of judges to represent the organization and is limited to only the best experts in the field. Mr Casal de Rey has performed the role of judge for competitions at major car shows in Brazil and USA as follow: São Paulo Federation of Vintage Cars/ Meeting of Brazilian Vintage Autos, 2014 and 2015; Veteran Car Club Bento Gonçalves/ South Brazil Older Car Show, 2014 and 2015 and 5th Annual Lake Dora Classic Car Show, 2016.

Individuals who are experts in the field attest Mr. Rey extraordinary talent and ability as a car restoration artist. Following comments:

“Thiago is one of the very few professionals whom I know who really knows the originality and value of a true classic car´s restoration as I do. This helps the client in having a true and worthwhile investment on any classic car they own. Restoring an item properly is not just a job, it´s an art form! And Thiago is a true craftsman.” Patrick Duplis, Eustis Florida – Restoration Expert.

“Thiago´s expertise in restoration has always attracted many investors, admirers, collectors and critics from the main area making (him) one of the national and international restorers most admired and respected I know. Some of the most beautiful restored cars I´ve ever seen were made by him such as 1957 Thunderbird, 1963 Corvette, 1974 Ferrari Dino and 1965 Mustang.” Gustavo Leme, Senior VP and General Director of Fox TV Latin America.

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