‘Easy Sales Boost’ allows small businesses to offer lines of credit to their customers

Easy Sales Boost is a consumer finance brokerage project launched on Indiegogo, designed for small businesses so that they can provide easy lines of credit to their customers. The project, started by Cecil Price will also help the customers to get the products they need without spending a large amount at once. With the experience of almost a decade in the finance industry, Cecil Price has created this platform to boost sales of small businesses and start-up companies.

The idea to create such platform is inspired by the challenges that a small business faces while dealing with their customers. With Easy Sales Boost, the small companies will be able to offer their customers wider payment options, which only the big companies provide. The platform has the potential to change the face of the business as well as the customers in America while also boosting local jobs, increase in sales for the merchants and stronger community.

Moreover, through Easy Sales Boost the business owners need not have perfect credit scores, and the platform offers equal opportunities to people with all kinds of credit scores. The project is a boon for businesses looking for financing their customers and do not qualify with traditional lenders such as GE or Wall Fargo. Easy Sales Boost can help such merchants through Epay finance. Most of the businesses need to have a turnover of $250,000 or more and 2 years of market presence if they expect financing from any big banks but through Easy Sales boost, small businesses can offer easy finances and have an increase in sales.

To make the project reach to a number of business owners, the Indiegogo project aims to raise a sum of $10,000 which will be utilized to let the word out and bear other costs. The funds will be used for viral marketing and setting up the office which will include purchasing furniture, hiring sales representatives and buying an online dialer software system(CRM).

Offering easy finances to customers is really important for any business, especially those who deal with costlier items such as car, furniture and LED among others. Easy Sales Boost will benefit both customers in making their purchases easier, and the business to increase their sales.The backers can opt from various rewards, such as 30 or 60 days of free social media marketing and a personal thank you video, for the contribution of $1,000 or above through the Indiegogo campaign.

Media Contact
Company Name: Easy Sales Boost
Contact Person: Cecil Price
Email: Cprice@easysalesboost.com
Phone: 702-550-9789
Country: United States
Website: www.Easysalesboost.com